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Students achieved good results in Intercultural Ability Competition

From April 24 to 25, the National College Students' intercultural competence contest of the "foreign teachers' Association Cup" sponsored by Shanghai foreign language education press was held successfully by the China Association for international exchange of education and Shanghai Foreign Languages University. China's student team composed of three students from Lin Ziyan, Li Yujing and Gao Zitong won the first prize in the third foreign teacher's cup competition of Beijing's College Students' cross-cultural competence held in November 2020 and won the two prize in the national finals. The first prize was awarded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in November 2020. The international student team, composed of international students zhangyisheng, Han Yingshu and Lu Xiuyuan, won the "cross-cultural communication Friendship Award" in this competition with excellent performance. Professor Chen Liping and vice professor gaimengli of the English college have won the second prize of the national finals instructor and the excellent instructor award of the international student's team.


"Waijiaoshe Cup" National College Student Intercultural Ability Big Competition National Final Award Ceremony


A total of 23 teams from Fudan University, East China Normal University, Central South University and Beijing International Studies University participated in the competition. Yang Jingfeng, the head of the Student Affairs Department of the school party committee, Huang Yong and Wang Yu, the vice ministers, and Zhang Xihua, the party secretary of the School of English, gave meticulous guidance and strong support.


Cross-cultural Communication and Friendship Award Presentation Site


The final stage of the competition consists of two parts: "case analysis" and "answering judges' questions". The final stage consists of three more challenging parts: quick Q & A, situation review and Chinese storytelling. In the 20 10 finals of April 24th, the Beijing International Studies University China student team calmly fought and played a stable role in the promotion of the top 10. Lin Ziyan, Li Yujing and Gao Zitong have demonstrated the fine tradition of English language teaching in our school and the vigorous demeanor of the second foreign students with their solid language skills, excellent personal quality and witty on-the-spot reaction. In the international student team's cross-cultural short play exhibition, three international students of our school, Zhang Yisheng, Han Yingshu and Lu Xiuyuan, won the unanimous praise of experts and teachers and students present at the meeting for their fluent Chinese, vivid performance and simple cross-cultural conflict analysis.


Final scene


In this competition, the Chinese and foreign students and contestants of our school fully demonstrated the school’s mission of "Chinese and foreign humanities exchanges" and the school philosophy of "integrating Chinese and foreign, knowledge and action", reflecting the "multilingual multilingual, cross-professional complex", home country The effectiveness of the cultivation of compound talents with feelings and an international perspective.


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