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Master's degree (three years of schooling)


English, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Asian and African languages ​​and literature, foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, tourism management, hotel management, accounting, business management, finance, exhibition economy and management, international trade, international cultural trade, International Business (two years of schooling), Aesthetics, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese International Education, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Tourism Management (Taught in English, two years of schooling ), Master of Business Administration (MBA, taught in English, two years of schooling), Master of Accounting (taught in English, two years of schooling).


Registration fee: RMB 800

Tuition: Chinese-taught 27,000 yuan/academic year, English-taught 30,000 yuan/academic year


Entrance requirements:

Application requirements: 18-50 years old, in good health, and graduated from a university;


Materials to be submitted: "Application Form for Foreign Students Admission to Beijing International Studies University", passport copy, resume, university graduation certificate and bachelor's degree certificate (original copy is required when registering), university course transcript, new HSK test level 5 or above Certificate, two letters of recommendation from professors; domestic transfer scholars need a copy of a valid residence certificate and proof of approval to transfer to the original university.


Deadline for registration: May 31.


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