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Online salon activities


Recently, Beijing International Studies University held the first online creation of Sharon Cup National Collegiate creative cartoon competition (hereinafter referred to as "contest") in Beijing International Studies University. The exchange salon was jointly sponsored and hosted by the teacher of the North Second Foreign Japanese Academy and jiaozhentao, the teacher of Art College of Renmin University of China, to attract students majoring in Japanese animation and animation culture and creation in the north second foreign countries, 19 students of the Art College of the people's Congress, and other students interested in cartoon creation in other universities, and some students from Beijing University of language and Technology participated in the meeting. Wang Wenjing, Secretary of the Party committee of the North Second Foreign Japanese university, lvwenhui, director of animation culture and Creation Department, cartoonist of the contest judge and LiuXiao, visiting professor of Beier foreign party, were also invited to participate in the activities of the day.




The competition is a national cartoon creation event sponsored by the north and abroad for the students in Colleges and universities and overseas students. It is organized by the Organizing Committee of the national college students' creative cartoon competition and supported by media such as Shenzhou scholars. The competition aims to encourage college students to show their learning and understanding of the Centennial struggle history, brilliant achievements, glorious tradition and excellent style of the Communist Party of China from the perspective of youth and comic books, to tell Chinese stories, inherit excellent culture and present gifts for the Centennial Chinese birthday of the Communist Party of China. Since the competition was launched on March 2, the response has been warm. In order to explain the doubts to interested participants and build a platform for mutual discussion and creation ideas, the organizers have specially organized an exchange salon with the theme of "inheriting red genes and honoring the centenary of the party building".


At the exchange salon, jiaozhentao introduced the creation methods and skills of red theme cartoons by introducing Shen Yaoyi, former professor of the Art College of the people's Congress and director of the comic strip Art Committee of China Artists Association, to represent the work of "the red ribbon of the earth".


In combination with his own experience of red tourism in China, Kan TIANYANGPING, a Japanese teacher of the Japanese University of North Second Foreign Language University, expounds his understanding of the competition from the perspective of foreign teachers, and enlightens students to start from the content around them, and can try to use similar scenes, compare the past and present, and show the great changes in New China.


Through the analysis of the comic book "fantasy becomes reality" by Wei qimei, a former professor of the Central Academy of fine arts, and the representative works of Zheng Hua, a famous military cartoonist, it helps students understand the theme meaning and creation mode of the competition better. He also stressed that comic creation must be derived from life, encourage people to use a brush to show the materials extracted from familiar life, and can be felt from the heart.


It is reported that due to the number of students who intend to sign up for the competition, the organizer will also hold several such exchanges and salons.


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