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Go to Hebei colleges and universities to participate in cultural exchange activities

In order to respond to the national call for "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration" construction and strengthen exchanges between our school’s international students and domestic colleges and universities, at the invitation of Hebei Zhuozhou Technician College, our school organized a delegation of international students to Zhuozhou Technician College to participate in the "Belt and Road" National Vocational Skills Competition for International Students.

At 9:00 on March 23, held a "along the way" National Students vocational skills training competitions opening ceremony; 15:00, skills training contest officially began, the students were full of energy, launched intense competition. This skill competition adopts the method of theoretical knowledge examination and skill operation assessment, focusing on the operation skills and the ability to solve practical problems. Through the competition, the students exchanged skills, found the gaps, and improved. During the competition, students from Egypt, Thailand, South Korea, and Uzbekistan from our school were interviewed by Zhuozhou TV Station, and they participated in this event to talk about their feelings.




At 9 o'clock in the morning on the 24th , the award ceremony of the "Belt and Road" national vocational skills training competition for international students was held. After that, the football match between the two schools officially started. Although the competition is full of competition, everyone has the main purpose of exercising, enhancing friendship, and cultivating teamwork spirit. At this time, the score is no longer important, and the game ended in a friendly atmosphere.



In just two days, the international students of our school and the teachers and students of Zhuozhou Technician College had in-depth exchanges and learning together, which strengthened the exchanges and cooperation between the two schools. Students from the two schools said that participating in this activity not only learned more vocational skills, but also enhanced mutual understanding and deepened friendship.


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