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3 international students won Outstanding Students


Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the list of winners of the 2020 Chinese Government Scholarship for Outstanding International Students in China.

The three international students recommended by our school-JUNG GUN YUN, an undergraduate of Landscape Architecture from the College of Landscape Architecture from North Korea.

And Water and Soil from Pakistan MUHAMMAD ROMAN, a forestry (professional degree) master student of the School of Conservation, and IQBAL SUNDAS, a doctoral student majoring in soil and water conservation and desertification prevention, all won this honor.


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North Korean international student Yin Chongjun is a 2017 undergraduate of landscape architecture in our school. The student studies hard and ranks among the best in professional performance.

At the same time, the student actively integrates into the collective and school life and is the main player of the volleyball team. He has won many awards in the school volleyball league. He is optimistic and cheerful and is highly praised by teachers and students.


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The Pakistani international student Roman is a master's degree student in forestry (professional degree) taught in English at our school in 2018.

He has excellent grades, ranked first in his profession, and has strong scientific research capabilities. During the two years of professional study, he published many high-quality papers.

At the same time, the student worked hard to learn Chinese and actively participated in various cultural experience activities organized by the school. He performed well during school.


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Pakistani international student Das is a Ph.D. student of our school's 2018 Chinese-taught majoring in soil and water conservation and desertification.

He has excellent scientific research capabilities and has published a factor of 5.2. With good Chinese proficiency, he often participates in various cultural and sports activities of the school, is practical and diligent, and is excellent in character and learning.

It is reported that the Chinese Government Scholarship for Outstanding International Students in China is the highest honor awarded by the Chinese government to international students in China.

It is selected once a year. The Ministry of Education organizes experts to review the academic status, scientific research ability, and performance of the recommended students.

The awards of the above 3 students set an example for other international students from our school, and at the same time fully demonstrated the results of our school's "improvement of quality and efficiency" of overseas education in China.

Our school will use this as an opportunity to further control the training process of foreign students in China, improve the quality of foreign student training, and strive to cultivate more high-level compound international talents who are familiar with China, friends, and pro-China.


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