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Erlizhuang community transplantation and planting activities


On the afternoon of April 16, students from the International College of our school were invited to the Erlizhuang Civilization Practice Institute to participate in flower transplanting and planting activities.

This activity is dedicated to popularizing knowledge about garbage classification and environmental protection among citizens and improving the happiness of Chinese and foreign residents.


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In the event, the organizer first introduced the basic knowledge of garbage classification to everyone. Community volunteers told everyone how to distinguish the four types of garbage in humorous language.

The students listened with great interest and went to the garbage classification cultural wall to check-in. Take pictures.


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Afterward, volunteers took everyone to a small garden where earthworms were artificially placed and introduced how to compost kitchen waste for flower planting.


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After the explanation, the students picked their favorite flowers, picked up the shovel, and started the flower transplant. With the help of volunteers, everyone planted flowers in a small garden where earthworms and kitchen waste were composted.

In less than half an hour, the bare little garden was full of beautiful rose flowers, and everyone's faces were filled with happiness and joy.


Beijing Forestry University-china


Beijing Forestry University-china


 At the end of the activity, the international students received the goods and thought deeply. Maya from Morocco said: It's such a wonderful day we spent at the sunshine garden planting activity, I was amazed to see their devotion and creativity, bravo for all their efforts.

I was honored to participate in planting flowers in their garden, this opportunity is such a gorgeous memory! thank you for your hospitality and kindness, thank you for keeping our environment healthy!

Alian from Rwanda said: I am very happy to have participated in the activity and I am grateful to the International College for providing us the opportunity.

When we arrived at the community, we were introduced to the waste classification which we practice at our university. After the introduction to the waste classification, we got the opportunity to plant flowers and it was the most interesting part.

I was amazed by the participation of the community members in the flower planting activity as well as waste classification. Everyone is responsible for saving our planet. Thank You BFU!!!


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