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Tree-planting activity


On April 10th, the 2021 "Beijing International Friendship Forest" tree planting activity was held in the east area of Strawberry Expo Park, Xingshou Town, Changping District. International students from the International College of Beijing Forestry University participated in this voluntary tree planting activity.


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After the brief opening ceremony, the students who participated in the activity picked up the shovel, rolled up their sleeves, and started planting trees, forming a scene of tree planting in full swing.


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Beijing Forestry University-china

After planting the trees, under the guidance of volunteers, the students brushed the saplings with white lime water to prevent insects.


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After the event, the participating students all received the "Certificate of Honor of Land Greening". After returning to school, the students still expressed their feelings.

Toure (from Samoa): This tree-planting event is a very good opportunity. After participating in it, I was very happy. When I arrived at the Changping Plantation, I felt that I had the feeling of creating a green environment, looking forward to green water and green mountains, and calling people to love the environment.

The theme of the tree-planting activity is "Adding green to the capital, sharing the Winter Olympics". Everyone gathers here to add a touch of green to Beijing where they live together and at the same time help the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics green development.

Green represents life and hope and is a precious treasure gifted to us by nature. If there is no green, we humans will not be able to breathe and survive.

If there is no green, there will be no ecological balance and all of us. Participating in this event made me understand more that we must start with me and take good care of nature, wood, and grass. Green the environment and beautify life.

Monica (from Kenya): I found so much pleasure in participating in the tree planting activity because I'm passionate about nature conservation.

To reduce air pollution and combat climate change, we not only need to plant more trees but should also protect the existing forests. All of us need to take responsibility to make the world greener!

David (from Rwanda): First of all, let me thank you so much for prepare such a gorgeous event of tree planting. As international students, we were very happy for getting that opportunity to participate in this event.

Especially with the Chinese, which encouraged our spirit of planting trees as a way of combating desertification, climate change and promote the landscape to be green in a sustainable way.

In addition, it is a nice experience in China which we can share with people of our countries. Some of us are foresters and now we have a policy that looking for making our country green and exploring a way of sustainable forest management.

The event today is much relevant to us. That's why, as overseas students, we really thank you so much for preparing and give us the opportunity to participate in this event.

It is reported that the 2021 "Beijing International Friendship Forest" tree planting event is supported by the Chinese NGO International Exchange Promotion Association and jointly organized by the Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the Foreign Affairs Office of the Beijing Municipal People's Government.

It is now the sixth. The 2021 "Beijing International Friendly Forest" tree planting activity is one of the important tree planting activities in Beijing in spring. It is also the largest tree planting activity for international friends in the background. During the activity, international friends jointly respond to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Plant friendship.


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