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In 2017, the college and the Australian Vocational Education Alliance reached a cooperation under the leadership of the Municipal Education Commission. The two parties will carry out long-term cooperation around collaborative exchanges, joint student training, teacher-student exchanges, teacher training, and short-term student training.

TAE Training & Assessment Level 4 Certificate Training

In July 2017, the college introduced Australian teachers for the first time and carried out the training of "TAE Training and Evaluation Level 4 Certificate". From July 10 to July 28, it lasted three weeks and a total of 15 working days. 23 professional teachers from various campuses of Beijing Transportation Vocational College gave up their vacation time and participated in the TAE training and evaluation level four organized by the college. Certificate training, study hard, and use the summer vacation to improve their teaching ability training, which is full of rewards.

In this training, the Australian expert Dr. Bryan West taught English throughout the whole course, describing the curriculum, teaching units, and expression of key abilities. On the one hand, the participating teachers carefully prepare before class and listen carefully during class, on the other hand, they must complete their homework according to the regulations every day.

The training courses are designed for teachers and trainers in universities/vocational colleges. Aimed at the professional teachers of various colleges and universities to improve their teaching ability, curriculum design ability and teaching evaluation ability, TAE training courses are a good entry point.

Specifically, the "TAE Training and Assessment Level 4 Certificate" training course can effectively help participating teachers understand the framework of Australia’s education system, gain insight into Australia’s vocational education system, concepts, curriculum design, teaching organization forms, teaching methods and standards, and master Innovative design, teaching organization and evaluation skills of practical courses. After passing the training course assessment, the teachers will all obtain the Australian National Certification "TAE40110 Training and Assessment" Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment).

In the end, all the teachers who participated in the training obtained the Australian TAE10 level four national certificate. They will also show their feelings of what they have learned to the school one after another. It is also necessary to settle down and make a summary, in order to apply the educational theories, strategies, and micro-skills learned in the future teaching work, not only to improve and enrich oneself, but also to further improve the college's teaching reform, quality improvement, and expand influence Play its due role!

Professional development course training for counselors

On August 29, 2018, the China-Australia Teacher Ability Development Center of Beijing Transportation Vocational College was officially inaugurated on the Daxing campus. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the professional development course training for summer student counselors in 2018, the international cooperation between Beijing Jiaotong Institute and the Australian Vocational Education Alliance has entered a new stage.

Since August 25, the college has organized a 5-day professional development course for Australian student counselors, with Australian expert Professor Peter LUEDECKE as the keynote speaker. Teachers from Beijing Jiaotong University, counterpart assistance project colleges in Yunnan Province, and counselors from vocational colleges in Zhejiang and other places participated in the whole process.

This training is the first training project since the establishment of the "China-Australia Teacher Ability Training Center" by Beijing Jiaotong Institute and the Australian Vocational Education Alliance. It is also the first time that the three-story smart classroom of the Modern Education Center has been used as a teacher training venue. The aim is to innovate the professional development curriculum model of student counselors, to better integrate traditional teaching methods with modern teaching methods, and to improve the theoretical quality of student counselors in terms of student mental health.

In the future, the China-Australia Teacher Competence Development Center will continue to expand the training direction and training methods, with the in-depth goal of establishing morality and cultivating all staff, in line with international standards, and enhance the comprehensive ability of the student management team.

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