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Sino-German Vocational Education Automobile Electromechanical Cooperation (SGAVE) Project-Sino-German SGAVE

The Sino-German Vocational Education Automobile Electromechanical Cooperation (SGAVE) project is an international cooperation project signed by the Ministry of Education of my country and the five major German automobile manufacturers: Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, BMW and GIZ. At present, there are 25 higher vocational colleges participating in this project. Our college is one of the first five colleges and universities to participate.

Program features:

1. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche enterprises participated in the whole process.

2. Developed a complete course outline.

3. Complete project evaluation system.

project outcome:

1. As the first batch of schools to participate in the project, teachers from our school Qingwei Feng and Yuguang Cheng became one of the three communicators of the project, and they were responsible for the follow-up teacher training tasks.

2. In the evaluation of 25 cooperative colleges and universities for 3 consecutive years, our college won the first place.

3. Led by the SGAVE project, our school holds a special recruitment fair for German departments every year, and the students of the SGAVE project class are loved by enterprises.

4. On behalf of Jinshan and other three students from the first SGAVE class, it was the first time to participate in the National Higher Vocational Skills Competition on behalf of our school and won the first prize.

5. Liu Jiaju, a student of the second SGAVE class, won the 2016 "Volkswagen Group Global Intern".

6. Wang Xinlei, a student of the 2014 SGAVE class, was rated as a global excellent intern by Volkswagen Group of Germany and was awarded the title of "Best Apprentice of 2017" by the German Volkswagen Group after many levels of recommendation, selection and on-site defense. Japan went to Germany to participate in the awards.

7. On January 10, 2018, at the China-Germany Vocational Education Automobile Electromechanical Cooperation Project (SGAVE) annual meeting, the college was rated as a "demonstration school" among SGAVE partner colleges and won the title of "National Excellent Cooperative College" at the same time.

Project development:

The SGAVE project curriculum has a total of 8 learning areas. The content of each learning area is specified by the corresponding learning situation, and each learning situation is embodied by a specific client power of attorney. The SGAVE project curriculum has three characteristics: customer-oriented, practice-oriented and ability-oriented. In the teaching, the teachers are guided by the work process of the auto mechanics and mechanics, and the teaching is organized and carried out by means of integration of theory and practice, group collaboration, etc. Comprehensively cultivate students' professional and non-professional abilities.

Collaborative teaching activities in a group of theory and practice

The SGAVE course is completed in six semesters, and the proportion of practical teaching completed in the enterprise in each semester is increasing year by year. At the end of the fourth and sixth semesters, students have to take the mid-term and final exams set by German manufacturers. The examiners for the mid-term and final exams are composed of a school teacher and a company technical staff respectively.

Sino-German SGAVE project mid-term and final exam

The college currently has 7 classes in the SGAVE program (1 for level 11 with 30 students, 1 for level 12 with 30 students, 2 for level 13 with 52 students, 1 for level 14 with 30 students, 1 for level 15 with 30 students, and 1 for level 16 with 30 students. ), a total of 202 people, including 112 graduates. There are 9 teachers in our school who have obtained SGAVE certification, and 4 of them have become information disseminators for SGAVE project teacher training and examiner training. There are 5 auditors in our institute, the number of which ranks first in the country. Since the establishment of the SGAVE project, our institute has undertaken many meetings, teacher training and examiner training for the SGAVE project. Teachers in our school actively participate in German vocational education teaching methods and professional technical training of the five major German automobile manufacturers to improve their professional teaching capabilities and provide guarantee for project course teaching.

Teaching methods and technical training for teachers of the Sino-German SGAVE project

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