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The IHK project is under the guidance of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the original introduction of the German automotive electromechanical professional curriculum system and the German Handicraft Association (IHK) automobile electromechanical maintenance technician certification standards, teaching students and obtaining the German automobile electromechanical maintenance technician certificate project.

Program features:

1. Try the German dual-system teaching model for the first time. Starting from the second semester, there will be a period of internship in a German brand automobile maintenance company every semester.

2. Adopting the German automobile electromechanical maintenance technician certification and assessment system, the evaluation of students is based on completing the real tasks of the enterprise, including obtaining information, formulating work plans, task implementation, vehicle delivery, etc., including professional theory, professional skills assessment, and Including communication, expression and other aspects of assessment.

project outcome:

All students enter the German auto brand internship to train talents for Beijing after-sales service.

Students from the project class Qin Jiaxin, Huang Xu and other students won the Beijing Auto Electromechanical Maintenance Professional Skills Competition.

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