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The Huge Educational Model Reform Pilot Project is one of the key projects of Beijing’s international cooperation in vocational education. It aims to further promote the comprehensive reform of the education field, meet the needs of the country and the capital’s economic and social development, industrial transformation and upgrading, and explore ways to cultivate high-end technical talents New path. In November 2014, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and the Ministry of Education of Baden-Württemberg, Germany signed the "Letter of Intent for Cooperation in Holding a Professional Pilot Class for the Reform of the Huge Educational Model for Auto Repair".

Program features:

1. Training goals: to train sustainable professionals who can solve problems independently, responsibly, and efficiently solve problems under team conditions.

2. Core idea: Teaching hinders learning.

project outcome:

1. The comprehensive ability assessment of students for four consecutive semesters ranked first among the seven schools in Beijing.

2. Six students went to Germany for an internship for three months.

3. A group of young teachers have grown up, and the results of the HUG project have not only been applied in teaching, but the transfer of teachers from our school is also actively carried out.

Since the launch of the Huge project in 2015, a total of 18 sessions of 576 hours of teacher training have been conducted. The teacher training is conducted by a team of German experts led by Mr. Huge. Training is based on the German action-oriented curriculum system, which greatly increases the training of non-technical content, especially in the teaching process to achieve "interesting classrooms, useful content, and effective methods". Such a novel training has brought a brand new experience to the teacher team of our college. It is a very good teacher training project combining vocational education with professional skills.

Mr. Hu Ge speaks at the closing ceremony

Closing ceremony site

Teachers from various institutions share training experiences

The reform of Huge's education model returns to the essence of education, putting personality shaping, training of good behaviors and vocational quality in the first place of vocational education. The project takes non-professional ability training as the most important goal and content, and builds a curriculum system, teaching system and evaluation system with the core of humanistic accomplishment, professional accomplishment, professional ability, and innovative spirit. For other majors, learn from the successful experience of German vocational education development, explore the characteristic development of Beijing vocational education, integrate the "craftsman spirit" into classroom teaching, and strive to cultivate future craftsmen with the spirit of craftsmanship.

In the past three years, the Sino-German vocational education Huge model auto repair professional reform pilot project has brought a lot of gains to our auto repair professional vocational education. These gains have changed our professional teaching thinking, changed our classroom teaching methods, and deeply improved the effectiveness of our pursuit of teaching in the teaching process, which has caused great changes in our students' learning-the interest in learning has increased. , The effect of learning has changed, and the ability of learning has improved.

If we want to achieve interesting, useful, and effective classrooms, we need to continue to work hard and constantly improve ourselves. Including the improvement of personal charm, the improvement of communication skills, emotional management, the improvement of teaching design, the use of teaching methods and teaching media, the core training skills of teachers, the establishment of evaluation systems, and the improvement of teachers' professional skills. It is the overall improvement of teachers' abilities that can significantly improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching. In the three semesters of comprehensive professional ability assessment of students, the total scores of students of Beijing Transportation Vocational College ranked first in higher vocational colleges for three consecutive times.

In the next step, Beijing Transportation Vocational College will organize teachers of the Department of Automotive Engineering to carry out internal training and start curriculum development; and hope to promote the results to brother colleges and the teacher training classes in the Lijiang Support Project of Beijing Transportation Vocational Education Group.

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