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Hold academic lectures

On the afternoon of January 7, the academic lecture of the International College "Exploration of the Teaching Mode of Ideological and Political Education for International Students" was held in the 815 meeting room of the fourth teaching building.

The lecture was specially invited by Associate Professor Mu Shirong, Deputy Director of the Faculty of Chinese International Education, Beijing Language and Culture University, to give a lecture, presided over by Dean Liu Zenghua.

More than 30 teachers and students from International College, Faculty of Grammar and Law, Higher Education Institute, Laser Academy, etc. listened to the report.




Mr. Mou first introduced the era background and realistic requirements of "Curriculum Ideological and Political" from a macro perspective and made it clear that the training goal of international students is to cultivate high-quality international talents with "world vision and Chinese soul" who are knowledgeable, friendly, and Aihua.

Next, Mr. Mou analyzed in detail the three major systems of ideological and political courses, syllabus, and specific teaching content, hoping that through education and teaching, students will have emotional resonance, objectively and correctly understand China and Chinese society, actively explore Chinese phenomena, and tell Chinese stories well.

Finally, Mr. Mou combined different courses such as language courses, Chinese culture courses, and advanced business Chinese to illustrate how to design appropriate teaching content and teaching methods according to the different levels and levels of students, combining "point-line-surface".

Afterward, the teachers combined their own teaching experience to conduct exchanges and discussions from different perspectives such as curriculum setting, textbook compilation, training plan, and evaluation system.

Everyone unanimously expressed the need to guide students to learn to use a global perspective in cross-cultural communication and establish a cultural concept of "harmony without a difference".

Organize cultural experience activities with Chinese characteristics to allow more students to understand Chinese culture and national conditions; enrich the second classroom and Language practice activities guide students to pay attention to China's development.




This lecture clarified the connotation, framework, and realization path of the curriculum ideology and politics brought new ideas and inspirations to teachers and clarified ideas for the future talent training of the college.

It was a very meaningful exploration. The college will combine education and teaching discussions, theme education, training plan revisions, study abroad certification, and other work as an opportunity.

Taking curriculum ideology and politics as the starting point to implement the fundamental task of talent training, and continue to improve the quality of international student training, and cultivate knowledge. High-quality international talents from Hua, Youhua, and Aihua.

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