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"China day" was held

On the afternoon of December 6, 2019, the annual "Chinese Day" of the International College was held in the lecture hall on the second floor of the Zhixin Garden of our school.
The event included Chinese speech contests and class demonstrations, with a total of more than 200 teachers and students participating, including international undergraduates majoring in Chinese Language Education, undergraduates, masters, and doctoral students majoring in non-Chinese teaching majors, and various non-degree international students.
The dean of the International College Liu Zenghua, the deputy dean Shao Hui, and all the faculty and staff of the International College attended the event and specially invited the school's teaching supervision experts Liu Yuhui and Professor Yan Xiufeng as the judges of the competition.



The speech contest is divided into two groups, AB and one by one. The contestants were full of energy, sharing their thoughts about studying and living in China, analyzing the benefits of studying in China, comparing different cultures, and telling their dreams.

Throughout the game, the contestants continued to win rounds of applause with their unique style and charm, leaving a deep impression on the teachers and students

With the end of the speech contest, the "Chinese Day" event entered a colorful class presentation. Class 101’s song "The Moon Represents My Heart" made its debut, which was lively and interesting.

The Chinese teaching class 2017 students performed the drama "The Legend of the Mid-Autumn Festival" completely and vividly; class 301’s "Sweet Honey" and Christmas songs were skewered.

Happy and festive; the song and dance "You look so beautiful when you laugh" by the Hanjiao class of 2018 are warm and beautiful; the "door of love opens" performed by the class 401 classmates is full of friendship; the dance music skewer performed by class 101 and the class of 2019.

Wonderful and wonderful, pushed the competition to a climax; the last 201 classmates first sang "The Moon Represents My Heart" affectionately, and then ended the whole competition in the dynamic dance of "Little Apple".




After the competition, Shao Hui, the deputy dean of the International College, delivered a speech. Deputy Dean Shao first affirmed the complete success of this event and praised the wonderful performances of all the players and classes.

Language is the carrier of culture and friendship. I hope that students can have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, experience cultural differences in different countries, and harvest more friendships.

She also said that Beijing University of Technology has a comfortable teaching and living environment, and has excellent teachers and management teams, and will continue to provide international students with high-quality teaching management services.

Beijing University of Technology has become more international because of its international students from all over the world. I also hope that the students' lives will be more exciting because of their experience of studying abroad at Beijing University of Technology.




"Chinese Day" is a traditional event of the International College of Beijing University of Technology. It is a platform for international students to display themselves and interact with each other.

For this year's "Chinese Day" event, all teachers of the Department of Chinese International Education held preliminary competitions in 11 classes after a month of preparations, and finally, 15 contestants entered the final. In this competition, 2 first prizes, 3-second prizes, 5 third prizes, 5 excellent prizes, 6 excellent instructors, 2 excellent hosts, and excellent were selected for the "Chinese Star" of Beijing University of Technology. 1 class was exhibited, and prizes and certificates were awarded to the winners to encourage them.

This Chinese Day event fully demonstrated the achievements of the International School in the cultivation of students, especially Chinese language teaching and cross-cultural communication skills. In the future, the International College will continue to improve the quality of international student training and cultivate international talents who know China and love China.




Classmate Karim from Pakistan introduces the food he likes from different countries such as China and Pakistan. He has already fallen in love with Chinese life and Chinese culture.

Pu Zhili, a student from Class 301, has a steady typhoon and has a clear pronunciation. She generously introduces the different cultural meanings of chopsticks in China, Japan, and South Korea.




Mona from the 2018 class of Hanjiao shared her colorful life studying abroad in China and showed everyone a positive and grateful Tunisian girl

Student Jin Yugeng from South Korea analyzed the five benefits of studying in China. He infected all the teachers and students with his enthusiasm, humor, and exaggerated body movements.




Nursulu from Kazakhstan shared her knowledge of China and lamented the rapid development of China.




Zheng Xiangpeng from the 2017 class of Hanjiao University used a strong voice to tell everyone about his dream of "changing" all the time. His enthusiasm and generous smile impressed the audience. 



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