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Introduction of international student apartment

Coming to an unfamiliar country, while you are excited, you also face many challenges and discomforts. For students who come to Beijing University of Technology for the first time, living in Beijing University of Technology International Student Apartments is a good choice, because after arriving in Beijing in a hurry, it is not easy to find a suitable house to rent quickly. Things, not to mention the need to purchase furniture, decorate houses, etc.

(1) Introduction to the apartment

The International Student Apartment of Beijing University of Technology is located in Building 12 on the north side of the West Campus and East Campus of Beijing University of Technology. The International Student Dormitory provides a variety of self-catering accommodations for international students in China. Room types include large and small double rooms and triple rooms, some of which have separate bathrooms. There are more than 250 guest rooms in the international student dormitory, which can accommodate nearly 500 international students at the same time.

(2) Apartment Service

Beijing University of Technology International Student Apartment provides various convenient services for international students. The rooms are equipped with a wired network, wireless network, and air conditioning, and some rooms also provide regular cleaning services. The dormitory provides a weekly bed linen change service, so students do not need to bring their own bed linen, bedding, and other bedding. There are also public facilities in the international student apartment: free internet cafe, reading room, self-study room, multi-function hall, student activity room, gym, kitchen, laundry room, etc. Each floor also has a shower room with a 24-hour hot water supply and public toilets. The front desk provides paid photocopying, international telephone, and international fax services for international students.



(3) Other instructions

1. Comply with the relevant regulations of the apartment

According to relevant laws and policies, the International Student Dormitory of Beijing University of Technology can only provide accommodation for foreign students registered on campus. Relatives, friends, or other people of international students can stay in the school’s hotel or hotels near the school. International students living in the apartment must abide by the relevant management regulations of the apartment.


2. Book an apartment room in advance

Due to the limited rooms in the international student dormitory, it is currently unable to meet the accommodation needs of all students. Therefore, it is recommended that students book online in advance before coming to the school.


3. Contact the apartment service desk

The main service desk of the International Students Dormitory is located on the first floor of the International Students Dormitory, and the service time is 24 hours.

Service telephone: +86-10-67391590, +86-10-67391599;



4. Choose off-campus accommodation carefully

If you have not successfully booked the accommodation on campus, you need to contact the renter outside the campus by yourself. Currently, the school is not yet able to formally recommend off-campus rental housing information and rental service agencies to international students.

According to the experience of overseas students renting houses off-campus in previous years, many students rented houses near the school, such as the Pearl River Dijing around Pingyuan, World Oriental City, and other communities. Some international students live a bit farther away because the rent prices there are generally lower than those around the school.

When renting a house off-campus, it’s best to go there with a friend through the recommendation of a classmate or friend. Choose intermediary companies carefully, shop around, read the content of the contract carefully, and beware of being deceived.

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