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Medical and insurance

The Beijing University of Technology Hospital provides outpatient and inpatient medical services. International students can go to the doctor with a student card or passport. If the condition is more serious, it is recommended to go to a large hospital outside the school, such as Beijing Friendship Hospital, Beijing Chuiyangliu Hospital, etc. The emergency telephone number of Beijing University of Technology Hospital is 67391546. In an emergency, you can directly dial the public emergency number 120 or 999.

While studying in China, foreign students must purchase medical insurance to cover medical expenses for possible accidental injuries and hospitalization for serious illnesses and to provide medical assistance in emergencies. Before seeking medical attention, please call Ping An Insurance Company's full medical management service hotline: 4008105119 ext. 1.

The Chinese government implements a comprehensive medical insurance system including personal accidental injury and hospitalization for international students in China. All self-financed international students who have studied in China for more than half a year (including half a year) must go through the insurance procedures when they come to the school to register, and the premium is at their own expense. International students who have not purchased personal accidental injury and hospitalization medical insurance will not be registered by the school.

Foreign students of Beijing University of Technology currently adopt the insurance product "Ping An Pension Insurance Co., Ltd. Comprehensive Insurance Protection Plan for People Coming to China", and the insurance premium is RMB 800 per person per year (400 RMB for half a year). The insurance basically covers medical expenses for accidental injuries and hospitalization for serious illnesses in public hospitals in China, and provides emergency medical rescue services. The detailed insurance clauses can be obtained at the time of school registration. International students enrolled in the insurance should call the insurance company's service hotline 400-810-5119 in the event of a personal accidental injury or hospitalization due to illness. Professionals will provide consultation, advice, and treatment of hospitalization expenses, insurance claims, and other services.


Contact information

International College Insurance Affairs Contact: Teacher Hu

Contact number: 67391857

Office location: A102, International Student Dormitory

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