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Student Associations



1. International Student Football Team

Contact: Modar

Contact number: 13051694828

Training time: 15:30 every Thursday and Sunday

Training location: North Track and Field


2. Volleyball team for foreign students

Contact: Muhan

Contact number: 18201511183

Training time: Every Wednesday and Sunday 16:30

Training location: Volleyball court


3. Table Tennis

Contact: Frank

Contact number: 1369051330

Training time: Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday 18:00-21:00

Training location: International Student Apartment Fitness Center


4. Tennis

Contact: Ravshan Yakupov (ángbó shān)

Contact number: 18513916461

Training time: every Saturday and Sunday 15:00-17:00

Training location: Tennis court


5. Taiji

Contact: Mr. Liu Hui

Contact number: 13501387848

Training time: Every Tuesday and Thursday 16:15-16:55

Training location: 9th floor of the fourth teaching building


6. Dancing Group

Contact: Inzhu Nazarova

Contact number: 15210230834

Training time: every Tuesday, Thursday, 20:00-21:30

Training location: International Student Dormitory Student Activity Center


7. Badminton

Contact: DO THI HAN

Contact number: 18810947476

Training time: Every Monday and Friday, 12:00-13:00 (Badminton Warm-up Hall 3)

Every Thursday 18:00-20:00 (Badminton Hall 4 and No. 5 venues)

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