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Hold entrance education activities

On September 4, 2019, the welcome ceremony for international students in the fall semester of 2019 and the entrance education activities of the International College were held in the Academic Lecture Hall of the Art Building.

Wu Bin, Vice President of Beijing University of Technology, Liu Zenghua, Dean of the School of International Studies, Tang Yi, a police officer from the Exit-Entry Administration of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, and more than 100 international freshmen from 65 countries and faculty and staff of the International School attended the event.

Shao Hui, Associate Dean of the School of International Studies, presided over the welcome ceremony and entrance education activities for international students in the fall semester of 2019.




At the welcoming ceremony, Vice President Wu Bin extended a warm welcome and heartfelt congratulations to all international freshmen who have become the new generation of "University of Technology".

He first introduced the basic situation of Beijing University of Technology to the international students, as well as the recent development and training of international students.

He encourages students to chase their dreams, work hard, learn to collaborate, and strive to become high-quality professional talents with an international perspective.




The students of the International Student Choir wished their new students with a school song "Tomorrow". Ma Weilin, a freshman representative from Trinidad and Tobago.

Shared his preparatory study feelings and his vision and expectations as a 2019 freshman, expressed his determination to study hard, and shared encouragement with all freshmen.






The "Senior" project is one of the main projects of the International College to implement the "pilot" project for international students. The "seniors" will "guide" new students.

Guide them to learn and get started in life, and help international new students to adapt to the Beijing University of Technology as soon as possible. Study and living environment. At the welcoming ceremony, Dean Liu Zenghua issued the letter of appointment to the 2019 international students "seniors".




In the enrollment education that followed, Tang Yi, a police officer from the Exit-Entry Administration of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, gave a lecture on laws and regulations to international students. Students’ concerns such as student medical insurance will be explained in detail.

The students are urged to respect cultural differences, abide by laws and regulations, and complete their studies safely and smoothly.






This welcome event coincided with the opening of the Ninth Science and Technology Festival of our school. Under the guidance of seniors and teachers, the 2019 freshmen visited the theme science and technology exhibition.

At the end of the welcoming ceremony, the freshmen representatives took the oath of admission with the sixteen-character declaration of "Wuzhou students, gather together at the University of Technology; inherit friendship and create success together!" and signed a safety commitment letter.






In September this year, our school admitted 240 international freshmen. Among them, there are 171 students with academic qualifications and 69 students with non-academic qualifications. The number of students with high-level academic qualifications has increased significantly.

They will start their splendid study abroad life at the vibrant and rapidly developing Beijing University of Technology. The International College will continue to expand the scale of international students.

Improve the level of training, optimize the structure of student sources, and work with international students to stay true to their original aspirations, go hand in hand, and contribute to the construction of an "internationalized" Beijing University of Technology.



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