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Hold a teaching contest for young teachers

In response to the school’s 12th Young Teacher Teaching Basic Skills Competition, strengthening the construction of the teaching team, and further improving the professional literacy and teaching level of young teachers.

The International College successfully held the 2019 Young Teacher Teaching in Classroom 903 of the fourth teaching building on March 26 Basic skills competition.

The college invited Dean Wu Wenying of Dublin International College, Vice Dean Shao Hui of International College, and three senior teachers from the Department of Chinese International Education-You Haojie, Yang Qi, and Zhang Bishu to serve as judges for this competition, and organized the Chinese International Education Program 2016 All students of Grade 2017 and Grade 2017 participate in teaching interaction as teaching practice activities.




The participating young teachers conducted a 20-minute classroom teaching demonstration in the order of lottery. The lectures included ancient poetry appreciation, Chinese grammar teaching, and cross-cultural communication.

The teachers used well-prepared courseware, vivid explanations, and active interaction with the students to achieve good teaching results.

It reflects the teaching philosophy of the International College of promoting Chinese language and culture and cultivating international students who are knowledgeable and friendly and fully demonstrates the spiritual outlook and distinctive style of the young teachers of the International College.




After the competition, the judges made detailed comments on the participating teachers in terms of teaching plan design, classroom display, teaching methods, blackboard design, etc., and put forward many valuable suggestions and opinions to young teachers.

In the end, Liu Yuan won the first prize, and Sun Yan, Cao Huiping, and Mao Ruoling won the second prize. The judges presented certificates and prizes to the winning teachers.





This competition, as the college selection competition of the "Beijing University of Technology Twelfth Young Teachers Teaching Fundamental Skills Competition", provides a demonstration platform and learning opportunities for young teachers of the International College.

Which helps teachers strengthen teaching exchanges, innovate teaching methods and improve teaching ability. It has played a role in cultivating a team of high-quality and high-level international teachers.



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