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Beijing Health Vocational College is a public full-time general higher vocational school approved by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is affiliated to the Beijing Municipal Health Commission. Guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the college fully implements the party’s educational policy and the fundamental task of “cultivating people through morality”, and adheres to the school tenet of putting people first, moral education first, and quality first, in order to strengthen connotation construction and upgrade teachers Focusing on the comprehensive quality of students, with the goal of cultivating high-quality health skills in the society, we will actively and steadily explore a reform path with the characteristics of higher vocational education and suitable for the development of the college.

The college currently has more than 5,600 full-time students and more than 1,800 part-time students. The college currently has four departments and two departments, namely, the Department of Nursing, the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Rehabilitation, the Department of Pharmacy, the Department of Medical Technology, the Department of Cultural Foundation, and the Department of Ideological and Political Education. There are 10 majors in nursing, pharmacy, Chinese pharmacy, medical examination technology, rehabilitation treatment technology, medical imaging technology, midwifery, stomatology technology, health information management, and traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation technology.

The college currently has more than 540 faculty members. The proportion of full-time teachers is 47%, the proportion of teachers with senior professional titles is 36%, the proportion of teachers with intermediate professional titles is 49%, and the proportion of dual-qualified teachers is 31%. 1 national outstanding teacher, 1 national health system advanced worker, 1 national award for outstanding contribution to traditional Chinese medicine, 7 outstanding teachers in Beijing, 1 outstanding educator in Beijing, 3 famous teachers in vocational education in Beijing , 4 professional leaders in Beijing vocational colleges, 4 professional innovation teams in Beijing vocational colleges, 47 outstanding young backbone teachers in Beijing vocational colleges, 9 youth talent programs in Beijing colleges and universities, 1 heir to famous old Chinese medicine practitioners , Beijing Health System "Ten Hundred Thousand" Excellent Talent Project, 2 "Hundred" level health talents, 1 famous teaching teacher in Beijing colleges and universities, 4 key teachers in the school, and 1 famous young teaching teacher in Beijing colleges and universities.

The college has complete teaching facilities, with advanced teaching equipment, laboratories, training bases and places and facilities for students to carry out various cultural and sports activities. Existing nursing, pharmacy, medical laboratory technology, medical imaging technology, stomatology technology, and health information The professional training base for management, traditional Chinese medicine, and rehabilitation treatment technology, with a construction area of nearly 10,000 square meters, can meet the training and teaching needs of students of various majors. Among them, the nursing training base is funded by the key construction project of the vocational college training base of the Ministry of Education, and the pharmacy professional training base is the key construction project of the training base of vocational colleges in Beijing. Existing Beijing Shijitan Hospital, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Beijing Tongren Hospital, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing Children's Hospital, Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Beijing Chest Hospital, Beijing Geriatric Hospital, 13 clinical teaching hospitals including Beijing Huilongguan Hospital and Children's Hospital of Capital Institute of Pediatrics. At the same time, it has also carried out school-enterprise cooperation with various medical and health institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutions at all levels in Beijing, providing favorable conditions for students' clinical teaching and internships, forming a "three-stage integration of close cooperation, shared education and sharing of colleges and universities" The talent training model fundamentally guarantees the quality of education and teaching.

The college attaches great importance to professional construction and the cultivation of students' professional ability and comprehensive quality. Continuous achievements have been made in professional construction. Nursing and pharmacy are among the first batch of demonstration majors in the health service category of vocational colleges nationwide. They have been rated as Beijing’s characteristic high-level backbone majors by the Municipal Education Commission, and have also been recognized as backbone majors by the Ministry of Education. The training of students’ professional ability and comprehensive quality is effective, focusing on the integration of professional ethics education and professional spirit training into the curriculum system. The graduates trained have high job competitiveness and adaptability, and are well received by employers. Many graduates have become the capital medical The backbone of the health industry. The employment rate of graduates is as high as 98% per year (98.36% in 2019), especially for nursing, medical laboratory technology, medical imaging technology and other professional graduates in short supply. Over the years, the college has trained more than 70,000 health professionals for the Beijing medical and health industry, of which nursing talents account for more than 60% of the training of such technical personnel in Beijing, and have made important contributions to the development of Beijing's health industry. Our nursing graduates Chen Zheng and Wang Kerong won the 40th and 44th Nightingale Medals, respectively, and won honors for the college.

The vibrant and energetic Beijing Vocational College of Health will be guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, fully implement the party’s educational policy and the fundamental task of “cultivating people by virtue”, and insist on putting people first, moral education first, and quality first. The purpose of running a school is to strengthen the connotation construction, improve the comprehensive quality of teachers and students, and use scientific, systematic, standardized and refined management as the means to cultivate high-quality health skills in the society as the goal, and continue to deepen reforms and innovate work. Mechanism, and strive to promote the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the college’s work. (Data as of September 30, 2020)

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