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Beijing Youth College for Political Sciences is a general higher education institution affiliated to Beijing and a municipal demonstration higher vocational college in Beijing. Its predecessor was the Beijing Youth League School established in 1956. In July 1986, Comrade Deng Xiaoping, the chief designer of reform and opening up, wrote the name of the college himself, placing high hopes on the development of the college.

In the more than sixty years of construction and development, leaders of the Party and the state, leaders of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have come to the school for inspections and investigations, on-site office work, and guidance. Comrades Jin Jian, Wang Jiayu, and Li Zhijian, then deputy secretaries of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, served as the first, second, and third directors of the College's Academic Affairs Steering Committee. The college has always adhered to the direction of serving the capital's economic and social development and the development of the Communist Youth League, and has trained a large number of high-quality and practical skills talents with good humanities, strong skills, and strong sense of social responsibility for the construction and development of the capital.

In the new era and new stage, the college further serves the strategic positioning of the capital’s "four centers" and the development needs of youth league work, strengthens political, youth and humanistic characteristics, promotes integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and strives to build the college into a first-class higher vocational education in the country Academies and national first-class youth youth education training and research bases will be built into an open, distinctive and high-level youth university.

The college currently has nearly 3,000 full-time students and more than 800 adult education students. It has six secondary colleges, one center, one continuing education college, and multiple research institutes, namely, Youth Work College, Preschool Education College, and Information Media Arts. College, Modern Management College (Beijing Youth Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship), International College, School of Marxism (Beijing University Ideological and Political Theory Course Advanced Innovation Center, Beijing Youth Political College Branch Center), Humanities Quality Education Center, School of Continuing Education, Beijing Youth Research Institute, Beijing Oriental Ethics Research Institute, Beijing Vocational Education and Humanities Beijing Research Center. The college has established a high-level team of full-time and part-time teachers, forming a multi-level, diversified and coordinated development of education and teaching pattern. At present, the college adheres to the ideas of based on demand, intensive innovation, optimizing layout, stimulating vitality, improving quality, and coordinated development, adjusting the layout of school resources, and is comprehensively promoting comprehensive reforms to further enhance the school's efficiency and overall strength.

The college attaches great importance to the quality of education, teaching and personnel training. There is 1 national vocational college demonstration major, 1 national backbone major, 1 national production training base, 1 national “dual-qualified” teacher training and training base, and 3 municipal high-level demonstration majors Majors and 2 municipal demonstration training bases, 2 municipal vocational colleges featuring high-level backbone majors, and 3 municipal vocational colleges featuring high-level training bases. It is the only preschool education major in Beijing vocational colleges The publicly-funded normal student enrollment colleges have won a number of municipal-level quality courses, quality textbooks, education and teaching reform projects, and education and teaching achievement awards. Students participated in the national and Beijing Vocational College Skills Competitions for multiple awards. Among them, the National Vocational College Skills Competition won the first prize for four consecutive years, and the Beijing Humanities Knowledge Contest won the first prize for five consecutive years. The college’s majors closely follow the capital’s market demand and economic development needs to train talents. Graduates are generally welcomed by employers. The average employment rate in the past ten years has reached 98%.

The college assumes the functions of Beijing Youth League school, and co-founded the "Capital University Students New Century Elite School", "Beijing Volunteer School", "Beijing Communist Youth League Entrepreneurship Youth Night School (Qingmeng Night School)" with the Communist Youth League Committee, and jointly established with the "Seeking Truth" magazine. Youth "Three Loves" Education Base; it is the first batch of "Flint Project" patriotic propaganda and education base recommended by the Organization Department, Propaganda Department, and Civil Affairs Office of the Beijing Municipal Committee to the whole society. It is the first "Beijing Municipality" commissioned by the Beijing Municipal Social Work Committee. Social worker training base". The Beijing Youth League School has always focused on the overall situation of the party’s youth work, constantly innovated its school-running methods, highlighted political training, and strived to provide intellectual support for the party’s youth mass work and the construction of the Communist Youth League in the new era.

The scientific research level of the college has been continuously improved, and a series of high-level scientific research results have been achieved in the research fields of youth education and development, volunteer service, Chinese traditional culture, higher vocational education, social work and community governance, preschool education, and smart elderly care. In 2013, the college was approved as the Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Research Base-Beijing Youth Education and Development Research Base. In the past five years, the college has undertaken more than 120 various scientific research projects at or above the municipal level, with a research funding of more than 20 million yuan, published 100 monographs, edited nearly 300 textbooks, and published more than 1,500 academic papers.

The college attaches great importance to foreign cooperation and exchanges. It has successively carried out exchange activities with universities and academic institutions in more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, and South Korea. In the past five years, more than 300 teachers and more than 300 students have been sent to participate in international exchange activities, and more than 240 international exchanges and visits have been received from more than 50 universities and academic institutions.

The college campus cultural activities are rich and colorful. Participated in the "Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games", "Military parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War", "Beijing 2014 APEC Conference", "Beijing Garden Expo", "2015 Beijing IAAF World Athletics Championships", and "National Day" 70th Anniversary Celebrations" "China Tennis Open" and other major events, participated in "Golden Hedgehog National College Student Drama Festival", "Capital College Student Challenge Cup" Contest, "Beijing College Student Music Festival", "Beijing College Student Drama Festival", and "Beijing College Student Dance Festival" ”And other large-scale competitions, organize various themed cultural festivals such as sports, science and technology, occupations, associations, etc., organize various social practice activities, such as going to Yan'an, Jinggangshan, Xibaipo to carry out patriotic education theme practice activities, and going to Zhejiang, Yunnan, Henan , Jilin and other places to carry out thematic research and social practice activities. Long-term participation in voluntary service work in Tiananmen area, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing International Marathon, and International Equestrian Federation Star Races, to improve students' comprehensive quality and innovation ability in an all-round way.

The college has complete school facilities. An off-campus training base covering various majors has been established, and there are more than 70 various types of on-campus training rooms. All classrooms are equipped with multimedia equipment. The library has rich collections and complete categories, and realizes information management. The collection has more than 550,000 paper books, more than 1.22 million e-books, more than 600,000 e-journals, more than 5.7 million dissertations, and nearly 300 Chinese paper journals. , There are nearly 20 electronic database resources, and more than 320,000 hours of audio and video resources, which can meet the various needs of teachers and students in teaching and research of the whole college.

Beijing Youth University for Political Sciences takes serving the country and society as its mission, promoting education development as its pursuit, talent training as the center, cultural heritage as its mission, and reform and innovation as its driving force. Beijing, which has an advantage in running schools, belongs to higher vocational colleges.

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