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Introduce VR real-world teaching and create a new mode of animation teaching

On December 29, 2018, the first semester of the primary school training course for the 2018-2019 school year of the Telfer Business Branch of Beijing Youth University for Political Sciences held the opening ceremony. The primary school semester training lasted for three weeks and was jointly taught by professional teachers + corporate lecturers. The school teachers were responsible for guiding students to create Maya models, and the corporate lecturers were responsible for importing the model animations made by students into the VR perception studio. Through a visual interface, The simple operation process can be quickly and conveniently transformed into a visual animation. Compared with traditional multimedia teaching methods, VR equipment can better display teaching results, transforming teaching content from plain text, pictures, animation, video, and games into three-dimensional entities, and conduct actual verification of the model design. Diversified forms of expression make teaching content easier to be accepted by students, enhance interest, improve learning efficiency, and improve teaching quality.
Since the newly added digital animation art major in 2012, Telfer Business Branch has followed the law of professional development, actively explored the linkage teaching model of school-enterprise cooperation, and promoted the reform of talent training with the latest needs of industry and technology development, and realized talent training and enterprise development and win-win cooperation. Successively cooperated with leading animation companies in Beijing such as Crystal Stone, Xingxing Animation, Huashang Tengwei (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd. (Huhu China), Beijing Okura Shenghe Culture Media Co., Ltd., etc., on talent training models, curriculum settings, and teacher construction, In-depth research and cooperation in teaching materials development, internship training, recruitment, and employment, etc. The launch of this VR project is another measure for Telfer Business Branch to integrate industry and academia to coordinate education, innovate the talent training mechanism, and improve the quality of talent training.
The development of 3D animation technology is changing with each passing day, and 2016 became the first year of VR (Virtual Reality). The strategic window period for the development of the VR industry in 2018 has been formed. In the future, the virtual reality consumer market will explode rapidly, and the technological system and industrial pattern will also initially take shape. Therefore, enterprises have higher and higher requirements for the knowledge and skills of animation graduates. Students' exposure to and mastery of new technologies will improve their own abilities, broaden their horizons and enhance their employment competitiveness.

The picture shows Yao Li, the project manager of Beijing Antenna Technology Co., Ltd. demonstrating VR equipment for students.jpg

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