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BLCU ranks second in the ranking of foreign students


Recently, the ranking of the top 100 international students in the 2020 Ranking of Chinese University Rankings by Shanghai Science and Technology was released, and BLCU ranked second. The proportion of international students can reflect the international reputation of the university's talent cultivation and the ability to provide an international education environment. It is a basic indicator to measure the level of international development of the university.


The proportion of international students refers to the proportion of the school's 2018-2019 academic year international students to the total number of full-time students (undergraduates, masters, doctoral students, and international students). Ranke (Shanghai Ruanke Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd.) is the world's leading professional research and consulting organization focusing on performance evaluation and improvement of colleges and universities. It has many rankings with far-reaching influence and industry recognition at home and abroad. Based on the latest data on the number of students in school and foreign students, Shanghai Branch has produced a ranking of the proportion of foreign students.


Beijing Language and Culture University is an international university whose main task is to educate international students in Chinese and Chinese culture. It is known as the "Little United Nations". The school has trained more than 200,000 foreign students who understand Chinese and are familiar with Chinese culture for more than 180 countries and regions in the world. Kazakh President Tokayev, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov, German Sinologist Ku Bin, American physicist, Nobel Prize winner Eric Cornell and other celebrities are all Have studied in BLCU.


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