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Chinese courses


Chinese Language Education

♦The training goal of Chinese language education is to enable learners to improve their Chinese communicative skills to varying degrees on the original basis through long-term Chinese language education, deepen their understanding of Chinese history, culture and current situation, and become proficient and able to meet the needs of the international community. High-quality applied talents who speak Chinese.


♦School's Chinese language education teachers have strong teaching strength and solid professional skills. With rich teaching experience, flexible teaching methods, advanced teaching methods, and remarkable teaching effects, it ranks first among similar teaching units. Every year, international students from more than 100 countries come here.


♦Chinese language education is student-oriented, hierarchical teaching, intensive teaching and more practice; courses are set up according to needs, focusing on practicality; cross-level course selection, realistic and flexible; teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, each gaining income; systematic learning, comprehensive development.


♦In response to the different needs of junior, intermediate, and senior long-term advanced students, preparatory students, junior college students, advanced research students, etc., more than 60 courses have been opened for students to choose from. By organizing activities such as language practice, internship inspections, talent performances, Chinese knowledge contests, and Chinese culture week, we provide a platform for international students to test their language strengths.


Chinese preparatory education

In order to meet the learning needs of different levels, our school offers two types of courses at the same time: basic courses, application and practical courses. Among them, the basic courses are required courses, and the applied and practical courses are optional courses, aiming to promote the application of learning, experience the essence of Chinese culture through a variety of activities and task-based teaching, and effectively improve applied language skills. Preparatory students who have received the Chinese National Government Scholarship directly enter the above two courses. In order to ensure the ideal learning effect, it is strongly recommended that foreign government scholarship students and self-funded preparatory students apply for both courses at the same time.


Students complete the required courses, have qualified academic records, and meet the entry standards for professional studies in my country's higher education institutions. In addition to directly entering the majors of our school, they can also go directly to Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing University, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and Beijing Materials Colleges and other universities jointly cultivate degrees to study degrees, and some majors can be directly promoted to the second year; if you apply to other colleges and universities, the college will be responsible for a recommendation. The college has also set up a course for entrance examinations for prestigious universities in China to comprehensively help preparatory students to improve their test-taking ability and skills and realize their dream of studying in a first-class university.


Short-term Chinese education

♦ Short-term Chinese courses have the earliest start in the country, the largest scale, the richest teaching types, and the most complete teaching system. They have trained more than 80,000 international students for more than 100 countries and regions in the world.


♦ Four-week, five-week, 12-week and one-semester Chinese language and Chinese culture training courses are offered throughout the year, and four-week, five-week, six-week and eight-week courses are offered during summer vacation; there are general advanced courses of 20 hours per week, as well as weekly courses. An intensive course of 30 hours. Check the start time ⇒


♦ Levels range from elementary, intermediate to advanced, divided into six levels: A, B, C, D, E, F, and a total of 16 levels; students pass the placement test when entering the appropriate class, and can complete a certain level of study at a time, It can also be continuous learning step by step.


♦ The college tailors various Chinese language and cultural training courses, summer camps, cultural study tours and other programs for the special needs of enterprises, schools, various groups and social people.


♦ It has a team of professional teachers with a multi-disciplinary background, superb teaching level, rich teaching experience, and the strongest strength. 80% of the teachers have overseas teaching experience, and many famous teachers in the industry have emerged.


♦ The short-term and accelerated Chinese textbooks compiled by the college are widely used at home and abroad and have great influence.


♦ Teaching focuses on student-centered, with the goal of cultivating the ability to comprehensively use language. The teaching method is pertinent and flexible, and the teaching content focuses on diversity and practicality.


♦ Through a variety of language practice activities, cultural experience content is incorporated into Chinese teaching, so that students can feel the charm of Chinese culture firsthand.


Chinese teacher training

The Teacher Training Institute of Beijing Language and Culture University is the first professional training institution for teachers of Chinese as a foreign language approved by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. In the field of Chinese teacher training, the Teacher Training Institute is currently the earliest established, longest training time, most trained teachers, and the most influential professional Chinese teacher training base in China. Since its establishment in 1987, our college has undertaken and organized more than 500 international Chinese teacher training and research programs of various types at home and abroad, and trained more than 10,000 outstanding Chinese teachers in more than 100 countries and regions in the world. Has a good reputation.


♦ Mature curriculum system and training model: Over the years, we have accumulated rich experience in teacher training, and established a complete set of curriculum system and training model adapted to the characteristics of teacher training.


♦ Have a team of the best teachers: It better reflects the school's philosophy of "using the strength of the whole school to conduct teacher training", and has a team of teachers with rich teaching experience and high literacy in language theory.


♦ Strong professional support and support for international Chinese teaching: try to integrate teacher training with the school’s original undergraduate majors in Chinese as a foreign language, master’s courses and pedagogy, linguistics and applied linguistics and other majors, doctors The majors of linguistics and applied linguistics are organically connected, so that Chinese teacher training has a strong support and support for professional development.


Special project

Distance Chinese Training

Learn Chinese courses through online learning, and provide excellent teaching resources of Beijing Language and Culture University for students who have no chance to come to China.


Advanced training (1 year to 2 years)

You can choose the major of master or doctoral students to conduct research on a certain major.


Group culture training

According to the requirements and time of the group, Chinese language, Chinese history, philosophy, Chinese literature history, Chinese opera, Chinese folk customs, Chinese contemporary economy, Chinese national conditions, Chinese social overview, Chinese tourism geography, Chinese garden architecture, Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, China Teaching of calligraphy, painting, Chinese martial arts and other related courses.


Special courses tailored for groups

According to the needs of foreign universities, enterprises or various institutions and groups, the school offers special courses tailored for Chinese language learners throughout the year. It combines Chinese language learning with cultural experience, hands-on practice, and social investigations so that learners can be in the shortest possible time. Improve language application skills and appreciate Chinese culture.


In addition to regular Chinese courses, various English lectures and cultural experience courses are also offered, such as Chinese traditional thoughts, folk customs, Chinese economy, Chinese opera, classic interpretation courses taught in English, and cultural experience courses mainly include Chinese tea art. , Calligraphy, painting, paper-cutting, Tai Chi, etc.


Application materials

1. Educational certificate: a copy of my last academic certificate or proof of university studies.


2. Application form for admission.


3. Copy of applicant's passport.


4. A copy of the valid certificate of the guarantor (passport or ID card).


5. A copy of the receipt of the registration fee (provided by online payment or wire transfer).



1. All students who come to school must be in good health.


2. Those who study informal schools in China who apply to study in the school should also provide:

① The transfer consent letter from the International Students Office of the university (must be stamped with the official seal).

② Recommendation letter from the teacher.

③ Copy of visa or residence permit in China.


3. The faxed application materials are invalid, and the materials sent and the application fee are not refundable.


4. Each application form can only apply for one course. If you want to apply for more than two courses, please fill in the application form separately (the application form can be copied and used).


5. Chinese government scholarship students and inter-school exchange agreements shall be handled in accordance with relevant regulations.


Application process

There are three ways to apply for non-academic training courses at Beijing Language and Culture University:


Method 1: Applicants can register directly online.


Method 2: Applicants can come to the International Student Admissions Office of Beijing Language and Culture University and directly submit materials to apply for registration.


Method 3: Applicants download the "Admission Application Form" from the Internet, and send the completed application form and application materials to the work mailbox of the International Student Admissions Office of Beijing Language and Culture University by e-mail.



1. The International Student Enrollment Office of Beijing Language and Culture University receives the complete application materials and goes through the admission procedures after passing the examination. About two weeks later, it will send the "admission notice" and "visa application form for foreign students studying in China" (JW202) according to the mailing address provided by the students.


2. Admitted applicants can apply for an entry visa to China at the Chinese embassy (consulate) in their country with the "Admission Notice" and "Visa Application Form for Studying in China".


3. Admitted applicants should report to the school strictly according to the time and place specified in the "Admission Notice".


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