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1. Where is Beijing Language and Culture University? How big is the area?

Beijing Language and Culture University is located in the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, which is lined with academic institutions. The campus occupies an area of ​​38 hectares(about 380,000 square meters), with trees lined with beautiful flowers, creating quiet and comfortable learning and living environment.


2. How about the teaching equipment of Beijing Language and Culture University?

The teaching equipment is fully equipped, including multi-language laboratories, multimedia classrooms, simultaneous interpretation rooms, etc., all equipped with infrared listening equipment, equipped with computers, air conditioning, PPT, and audio and video playback equipment.


3. Is the food in the canteen of Beijing Language and Culture University delicious?

There are many characteristic Chinese restaurants on the campus, as well as various characteristic Western, Korean, Japanese, Southeast Asian and Islamic (Muslim) meals for international students to choose freely.


4. How about the sports equipment of Beijing Language and Culture University?

Various sports facilities are complete, including basketball, volleyball, tennis, football and other sports venues. The Shaw Gymnasium also has a swimming pool, badminton court, table tennis room, bowling room, physique center, gymnasium, etc.


5. How about the life service of Beijing Language and Culture University? 

There are life service organizations such as the ICBC business department, post and telecommunications office, commodity department, laundry shop, and network center on the campus. The school's newly completed complex in 2013 has a grand theater with a thousand people.


6. How about the traffic near Beijing Language and Culture University?

The transportation for students is convenient. You can take buses 307, 331, 690, 375, 743, and 957 directly to the city center, and take a taxi to the Capital Airport in 50 minutes.


7. Where to go to see a doctor during the period of studying at Beijing Language and Culture University?

Beijing Language and Culture University Hospital is a comprehensive hospital with a building area of ​​5,600 square meters and more than 60 employees. There are more than ten clinical departments including internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, ophthalmology, stomatology, traditional Chinese medicine, pediatrics, laboratory, and special examination.

Equipped with a variety of inspection equipment (automatic biochemical instrument, transcranial Doppler ultrasound, full conduction ECG, color B-mode ultrasound, 24-hour dynamic electrocardiograph, ambulatory blood pressure meter, non-contact tonometer, corneal topography, computer Refractor, full-automatic perimeter, infrared mammography instrument, oral comprehensive treatment table, digital X).

It mainly serves international students and teachers from more than 150 countries in the world. To this end, the school has set up an international department, with English, Japanese, and Korean translations, and provides one-to-one services to international students. Meet the medical and health care needs of international students of different languages ​​and skin colors.

Hospital 24-hour emergency telephone: 82303562

Inquiry Telephone Number of International Department: 82303985


8. Are there any student activities at the Beijing Language and Culture University?

♦ The school actively encourages students to participate in Chinese language competitions such as the "Chinese Bridge", and has achieved good results year after year, and has cultivated a large number of well-known and well-loved international students with stars in China;

♦ Combining Chinese learning with cultural experience and hands-on practice, allowing students to personally experience Chinese tea art, calligraphy, painting, paper-cutting, Tai Chi and other profound cultural arts;

 Organize students to visit and study in various provinces and cities and teaching practice so that students can get out of the classroom to get in touch with Chinese society, understand the history, culture and customs of various places, and experience the development and changes of modern China firsthand;

♦ Provide overseas study tours during winter and summer vacations, and you can go to well-known universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other third countries for training. In addition to normal teaching activities, you can also participate in a variety of cultural inspections to gain insight into the colorful exotic customs;

♦ Contact TV stations, newspapers and magazines, international conferences and exhibitions, primary and secondary schools and other units to create professional-related internship opportunities for students such as teaching, IT, news media, program hosts, translation, editing, secretarial, and tour guides;

♦ A special online platform has also been established to release various employment information promptly, and an employment guidance center for Chinese and foreign students has been established to provide professional guidance and assistance to international students who are interested in finding employment in China. 


9. Do I have to pay medical insurance to study at Beijing Language and Culture University?

To ensure that international students complete their studies healthily and smoothly, according to the relevant regulations of the Chinese government, international students must participate in the comprehensive medical insurance of China Ping An Insurance Company, which is collectively insured by the school, after coming to the school. Those who do not participate in comprehensive medical insurance cannot register for school. The amount of insurance premium is 800 yuan per academic year. 

  • New students must apply for one-year insurance when registering.
  • Students in school can apply for insurance every semester. 
  • For international students who have received a full scholarship from the Chinese government, the insurance premium will be paid by the Ministry of Education of China.


10. How to apply for insurance claims during the period of studying at Beijing Language and Culture University

Insurance claims: Self-financed students can directly apply for claims with Ping An Insurance Company, and scholarship students can apply for claims by the International Student Management Office and Ping An Insurance Company. 


11. Under what circumstances can I apply for a claim during the period of studying at Beijing Language and Culture University?

1) Death or accidental disability;

2) Accidental injury medical treatment;

3) Outpatient and emergency medical treatment;

4) Hospitalization;

5) Application for a nursing fee. 


12. What are the precautions about medical insurance when studying in Beijing Language and Culture University?

1) If an insured accident is treated in two or more hospitals, the corresponding hospital diagnosis certificate, medical history, and other relevant documents must be issued;

2) The hospital must be a public hospital in the mainland of the People's Republic of China and meet the reimbursement items and expenses of the local social basic medical insurance regulations. To

3) Ping An Insurance Co., Ltd.'s address for claim settlement materials: Lai China Project Team, 9th Floor, Ping An Building, No. 23, Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing (Zip Code 100033), website:


13. Can religious ceremonies be held in Beijing Language and Culture University?

It is not allowed to hold religious ceremonies in public places in the school, to preach in the school, or to organize or participate in religious gatherings and other activities.


14. Can an assembly be held in Beijing Language and Culture University?

School assemblies and parades must be approved by the school's relevant departments. Illegal assemblies, demonstrations, signature petitions and other activities will not be organized or participated in.


15. Can I work outside of Beijing Language and Culture University?

During the period of studying at the school, no employment, business, or other activities that damage the image of college students or are inconsistent with the student's identity are not allowed.


16. When do I need to pay the dormitory fee of Beijing Language and Culture University?

The accommodation time of students should be the same as the time of registration at the school. For students who study for more than 6 months, the accommodation fee shall be paid according to the semester; for students who study for less than 6 months, the accommodation fee shall be paid at the time of check-in. The accommodation deposit shall be paid according to the standard of the dormitory.


17. Can I bring people outside of Beijing Language and Culture University back to the dorm?

It is necessary to comply with the dormitory meeting regulations and receive visitors during the meeting period. During non-visiting hours, guests are not allowed in the dormitory building. Visitors should register at the service desk with valid certificates and leave the building before 22:00 on the same day. Overtime reception or overnight stays are strictly prohibited.

Dormitory meeting time: 16:00-22:00 on weekdays, and 9:00-22:00 on holidays.

Dormitory closed time: 00:00-6:00, during the period due to special circumstances, please ring the doorbell and register for late return before entering the dormitory. During closed hours, it is strictly forbidden to bring people who are not in the building into the dormitory, stay in the duty room for a long time, or make loud noises to affect others' rest.


18. Can I charge the electric car in the dormitory of Beijing Language and Culture University?

It is forbidden to charge the batteries of motor vehicles and all kinds of electric vehicles in the dormitory.


19. Can I live off Beijing Language and Culture University?

Yes, for off-campus accommodation, you must go through the relevant procedures at the local police station in time and register in the International Student Office of the college in time.


20. What type of residence permit do I need to apply for studying in Beijing Language and Culture University?

Those who come to our school to study for more than one year (including one year) should apply for an X1 visa before coming to China; those who study for less than one semester (including one semester) should apply for an X2 visa.

International students holding X1 visas must apply for a foreigner's residence permit within 30 days from the date of entry. All international students who live off-campus must apply for a temporary residence registration certificate on time.


21. What materials do I need to apply for a residence permit when studying in Beijing Language and Culture University?

1) A valid passport (ordinary passport required) and visa;

2) "Foreigner Visa and Residence Permit Application Form" affixed with the official seal of the school and pasted with a two-inch recent half-length frontal photo (the background must be light blue or white);

3) The originals of the official letter of the institution indicating the period of study and the "Admission Notice" and the "Visa Application Form for Studying in China" (JW201 or JW202). If the original cannot be provided, a copy of the application form must be provided And the original copy of the Admission Notice;

4) The original "Health Certificate" issued by Beijing International Travel Health Care Center (for those who are over 18 years old and apply for a residence permit for the first time);

5) Accommodation registration certificate (for off-campus residents, a copy of the accommodation registration certificate is also required);

6) Those who enter the country with an L visa must provide the "Admission Notice", JW201 or JW202 form and an official letter indicating the period of study from the institution they are studying.


22. What are the requirements for studying Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University?

1) Senior scholars (1 to 2 years)

Those who have obtained a master's degree or have obtained the qualifications to study for a doctorate are under the age of 50 to research a certain topic.

2) General scholars (1 to 2 years)

Those who have a university degree or above, aged 18-50.

3) Language students (1 to 2 years)

Those who have graduated from high school or equivalent, aged 18-50 years old.

4) Short-term language training students (less than half a year)

Those who have graduated from high school or equivalent, aged 18-60 years old.

5) Chinese Language Teacher Training Student

Teachers with a bachelor's degree or above who are engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language or who will be engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.


23. What materials do I need to submit when I come to Beijing Language and Culture University to study Chinese?

1) Education certificate: a copy of my last academic certificate or proof of university studies.

2) Application form for admission.

3) Copy of applicant's passport.

4) Copy of the valid certificate of the guarantor (passport or ID card).

5) A copy of the registration fee receipt (provided by online payment or wire transfer).


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