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The library opened for trial operation


On March 8, the relocation of the upgraded library was basically completed and entered the trial operation stage, which was open to all teachers and students. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the opening work.


Professor Guo Peng, Assistant to the President, Dean of the Graduate School, and Director of the Department of Chinese Language Education, came to the library to investigate and guide the work early in the morning.


Accompanied by Director Zhao Junwu, Secretary Deng Yawen, and Deputy Director Lu Xiaoxi, Guo Peng visited various spaces of the library on the spot to learn about the construction of library resources and the use and operation of newly put into use equipment and investigated the current difficulties and problems of the library and personally experience the library facilities as a reader.


Actual needs, and personally experience the library facilities as a reader


The library is currently in the first stage of trial operation. All building spaces are open. Seats and seminar rooms on the 1st to 4th floors can be reserved. Readers can select seats in the library seat management system in four ways.


On the first day of opening, some students and teachers reserved seats and seminar rooms backstage. The operation of the museum is orderly and orderly.


The overall renovation and relocation of the library have received strong support from school leaders and the understanding of the entire school's teachers and students.


The library relocation plan has been discussed and improved many times by the library affairs meeting. In order to make the school teachers and students use the library as soon as possible, after careful planning.


The relocation time was shortened from 180 days to 90 days. Since the initiation of the relocation work on December 11, 2020, the library has implemented a 24-hour non-stop relocation. During the period.


More than 2,000 bookshelves of various types and more than 1,200 reading seats have been installed from the Beijing Sinotrans Pavilion.


Currently, more than 600,000 books have been put on the shelves. All RFID radio frequency tags were re-attached, information equipment and systems were installed in place, and system conversion and testing were completed.


The three-floor integrated media reading and experience area was decorated for the environment, and the four-floor lecture hall Rixin lecture hall was optimized and designed.


And nearly 200 Chinese and English signs were produced and installed, and a lot of tedious work was completed. Especially during the relocation period.


It overcomes the Hebei epidemic, Beijing Shunyi and Daxing epidemics, and the difficulty of finding workers from construction factories during the Spring Festival holiday.


The relocation work is safe, orderly, and efficient, and the progress and quality are guaranteed.


The library relocation and opening work has also received active support and cooperation from various departments of the school. After the relocation began.


The personnel office of the school took the initiative to promptly provide guidance on epidemic prevention for the construction personnel entering the school and apply for the school entry certificate.


The security office worked overtime to provide safety guarantees for large trucks entering the school after 12 o'clock in the evening; the logistics service group organized personnel to carry out land reclamation and cleaning three times.


Especially before the opening of the trial operation, provided more than 10 large-scale green plants for the teachers and students of the school, which improved and optimized the environment.


The Finance Department coordinated and arranged the start-up funds such as the harmful gas detection funds before the opening.


The Asset Management Office provided the general service desk The Infrastructure Department actively coordinated with the construction manufacturers to maintain the premises.


The Publicity Department, Education Technology and Resource Management Center, Information Office and other departments and units cooperate fully.


During the trial operation of the new library, the library will continue to complete the finishing work of the relocation, adjust the problems found during the trial operation, and enter normal operation after the trial operation ends.


On the basis of hardware improvement, the library will further enhance its service awareness and provide readers with professional, high-quality, and humanized services.


Beijing Language and Culture University library entrance


I sincerely thank the teachers and students of the school for their long-term care and support of the library. The new library of the library has successfully passed the air quality and safety test and is open to the public. We look forward to the arrival of teachers and students!


The first batch of students to the library represents the front door of the library


The first batch of students to the library represents the front door of the library.


Qualified test report


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