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2021 Faculty Network Culture Festival


The century-long journey has been magnificent, and at the beginning of the century, the heart will grow stronger as time goes by.


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, on the occasion of the 111th "March 8" International Working Women's Day.


The school union presented a special gift to the school's female faculty and staff on the WeChat public platform-Revolutionary Ballet Appreciation, which Kicked off the prelude of the 2021 Faculty Network Cultural Festival.


internet culture festival


In addition to dance appreciation, during this online cultural festival, the school union will also launch exciting thematic content on themes of law and music.


It is worth mentioning that starting from March 1st, the offline yoga courses launched by the school union have been in full swing.


We hope that the majority of faculty and staff will continue to actively participate in order to strengthen their bodies, relieve fatigue, and regulate emotions.


The faculty network cultural festival aims to promote the red culture, inherit the red gene, encourage all faculty and staff to improve their personal accomplishment while cultivating their own interests and hobbies. And always maintain a high-spirited state of mind, and encourage people to enter a new journey and a new era.


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