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Doctoral Program of "New Sinology Project


The "New Sinology Project" supports the training of doctoral students in professional fields such as Sinology and Chinese Studies, special studies in China, the establishment of teaching chairs and other projects, cooperation in international academic seminars, promotion of translation and publication of works in related fields, and exchanges and cooperation of scholars. This plan includes projects in 4 areas:


Doctoral training program

Support foreign students to study and study at the doctoral level in China, and train young sinologists who have an international academic vision, are familiar with international academic rules and can participate in international academic exchanges and research.


1. Come to China for Ph.D. program

2. Sino-foreign cooperative doctoral program


Academic research projects

Support relevant institutions and individuals in various countries to carry out Sinology and China-related research; publish works or translations; hold international academic seminars, etc.


1. Research Projects by Overseas Scholars

2. Publishing Support Project

3. International Academic Conference Project


Special training projects in China

Invite elites and outstanding young scholars in the humanities and social sciences from various countries to participate in relevant visit training, cooperative research, academic exchanges and other special research activities. The general time is two weeks.


The chair project

According to the needs of foreign universities, both Chinese and foreign parties will jointly fund to support domestic and foreign scholars to carry out the teaching and research work of Sinology and China-related research in the form of fixed teaching seats or credit courses in universities.


1. Chinese Studies Chair Support Project

2. Chinese scholars set up credit courses abroad


The "Ph.D. Program in China" and the "Sino-foreign Cooperative Ph.D. Program" recruit students from non-Chinese nationalities, and fund outstanding young people from all over the world through academic education and project research. Its funding includes living allowances, research and research fees, international round-trip travel, Chinese university training fees, medical and accident insurance fees during the stay in China, and collective activities and cultural experiences. It is currently the highest level of funding for foreign students in China.


The doctoral enrollment work of the "New Sinology Program" of Beijing Language and Culture University is carried out every year from mid-to-late November to around February of the following year. Eligible foreign students are welcome to apply actively! Specific application information can be found on the website:


For more details, please contact us:

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