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Those years, in BLCU

June 18, 2019 


I studied in the south for my undergraduate course. The comprehensive universities in the south are generally large. My alma mater has more than 3000 mu of land, including several lakes bigger than those of unknown lakes, and a small "primitive forest". So after visiting Beijing, Tsinghua University, the legendary big, didn't feel where to go. After arriving at Peking University of language, it took only ten minutes to walk in from the small west gate to the east gate. That is a tofu block compared with the previous one! Although the northern language is small, the greening rate is very high, but it also appears quiet and unique.


Our graduate dormitory is located in building 3, which is about 50m away from the humanities building where the class is located. It is about 100 meters away from the canteen and only 200 meters away from the library. For a lazy and homestead, such a distance is very convenient. Between building 3 and the human building, there is also a small garden in this short distance - to the garden. The garden is just in the middle of a small pond, surrounded by willows, green bamboo, plum, and so on. There is a small stone bridge - Zhuangyuan bridge above the pond. It was five minutes before class, we packed up our things and went out, and we stepped over the small stone bridge to the humanities building. To the west of the garden is a wall of nations, engraved with 161 countries' names, and also a landmark building in the northern language of the "small UN". BLCU is one of the most famous language schools in China and one of the most overseas students in China. On-campus, we can see all kinds of international students of various colors. The multi-cultural collection here has charming exotic sentiment. The world cultural festival is my favorite event every year. On this day, more than 100 students from more than 100 countries and regions of the university will send representatives to participate in the cultural festival to show their own customs and delicious food. We sing and dance. Although the language is not available, there are no national boundaries for joy. At this time, my friends and I will travel around the stalls in various countries, tasting delicious food and taking photos and taking pictures. My favorite picture was taken with Brazilian students. We laughed with the world cup model in the picture.


Because of the many students abroad, BLCU is particularly inclusive and free. I often see students practicing skateboarding on the flat floor at the gate of the Yifu Building, doing all kinds of dangerous actions. Foreign friends are often friendly and enthusiastic, and people who don't know on the road will greet them happily. If you hold basketball or football in your hand, they invite you to play together. In such an environment, it is not surprising that a Chinese student can speak two or three foreign languages, and it is not unusual for a foreigner to have fluent Chinese. Almost every Chinese student has a language partner or two, learning each other's language and culture. I knew a foreign boy named Kris when he came to BLCU. He has a high nose and deep eyes. He took his Chinese name Tianlong. I found that foreigners especially like to take the Chinese name of the dragon. Part of the reason may be that Chinese people call themselves the heirs of the dragon, and in part, because of many foreigners like Bruce Lee. Tianlong is particularly obsessed with Chinese Kung Fu and regards Li Xiaolong as an idol. After arriving in BLCU, he soon learned the spoken Chinese language and found a master who taught him, Kung Fu. "Chinese culture is really mysterious. You, Chinese people, pay attention to the unity of heaven and man. What is that?" he said to me The previous section saw that he had taken a picture of going to Changbai Mountain for a visit. He stood alone in the sky pool, naked, and stretched out his hands, as if to embrace the cloud and mist of the landscape. I would like to tell him that this is the "unity of heaven and man"! There is also a Vietnamese student in our class, whose name is Yi Shian. He not only speaks fluent Chinese but also writes beautiful Chinese characters. He likes Chinese traditional culture and studies Chinese ancient literature with us. He and I communicate seamlessly, and he can not see that he is a foreigner at all. Once we organized a visit to the hometown of caoxiaoxueqin in Xishan botanical garden. Along the way he and I talked, the details in the dream of Red Mansions, which he remembers very clearly. When we took a photo near the yuan gemstone, he pointed to the stone cave nearby and said to me, "Meiling, I heard that some monks in ancient times like to practice in such caves!" I nodded and said, "Shi'an, you are really a Chinese national pass."


In the years of BLCU, the class organized a lot of tourism activities. The students in other classes are very strange. They have read graduate students. How do the ancient literature class students have such strong collective ideas. Who calls our class students have good feelings! We have been to the Olympic forest park together, and we have traveled to the Forbidden City, Tiantan, Yuanmingyuan Garden together and climbed the great wall together. I remember climbing the Great Wall, many students from the outside class asked to join our team. We went to Badaling with great momentum. In the ordinary days, the lack of exercise in the beautiful sound fell behind, every time to a beacon, she cried: "can not move, never climb up!" The result was held down with the encouragement of all. You pull me, I drag you, we climb to the top like this. Usually, the students in the class always help each other, and a few boys are often called girls. Pengfei and Hailong are often called to get express delivery. Yang Yang, from Inner Mongolia, is unrestrained and often organizes everyone to eat barbecue and beer in Dongmen. I don't like drinking. After I came to Beijing, I didn't eat spicy food. I was always "rejected" by him. "He said," every dinner is the most annoying for you! " But every time he had dinner, he would carefully choose restaurants and avoid my "weakness.".


BLCU is a liberal arts school, with the majority of girls. There are often dozens of students in a class and the number of boys is the phenomenon. But the surrounding mining, big land, Beilin, Beihang, Tsinghua, all have many universities with many men of science and technology, so BLCU is also called "a flower on the College Road" cordially. The name of this "one flower" is not a wave of fame. It is also well known that girls in BLCU are of high looks. In the "small UN", the girls are most fashionable in their dress and feel the culture of freedom and tolerance. Every spring comes, at first warm and cold, girls from Europe and America have long legs and short clothes. Summer, more colorful, colorful clothes and clothes, beautiful. The invitation for friendship from the major brotherhoods and colleges has been endless throughout the year. Every year, the humanities college holds a party, and many boys will come from the University of China, the mining university, and the North Airlines. The music and dance performances organized by the research institute are wonderful and have attracted a lot of cheers. After the party, many boys asked the girls for contact. After reading Lao She's autumn in Beiping, I know that "autumn of Beiping is heaven in the world", and the northern language with high autumn and cool has a charming taste. The northern language has a thoroughfare across the East and West, with tall Wutong trees on both sides. In late autumn, the whole plane of Wutong road was golden, and it was walking on the fallen leaves and wandering in it. At this time, the persimmons near the east gate are ripe and hung on the trees in a red and clear way. So the enthusiastic Research Association organized the persimmon Festival, invited the boys from foreign schools to help pick persimmon, and enhance the feelings of all in the labor. I have to say, autumn is a good season for love!


In the winter of my first year in BLCU, there was heavy snow in Beijing. As a southerner, he never saw such big snow, he was stunned at that time, and exclaimed in surprise: "Wow, what a big snow!" Other students in the north have already seen strange, put on a coat, put on boots, and go out. I wrapped in three layers and three layers outside and ran out excitedly. As soon as I went out and stepped into the snow, a sharp chill immediately spread through my calf. I was surprised to wear sneakers, quickly pull out my legs, shivering back to change shoes. After changing shoes, I can't wait to rush into the white world, squat down and hold a hug of snow, and shout excitedly, "so thick snow!" Soon, he went to the snowman and snowman activities. When it comes to heavy snow, I really want to compliment the BLCU logistics. After heavy snow, logistics organization personnel swept the snow overnight. When they woke up the next day, all roads of the school were cleaned up and clean, without affecting everyone's travel.


As a food, the restaurant in BLCU is the most haunting thing I can forget. The canteen in BLCU has five floors, called the Qingyan building. The first floor and the second floor are ordinary canteens, and various cakes are also available. BLCU pastry master is also well-known. Mousse cake, doughnuts, and croissants on the first floor have always been my love. Curry rice and sweet potato on the second floor are also great, and the new sauce noodles taste very good. The third floor is a variety of special dishes. I like to eat fried noodles and Lanzhou noodles, sometimes I drink pot soup. After dinner, I have another ice cream. It feels beautiful. The fourth floor is Japanese cuisine and a Korean restaurant. I prefer Japanese food and enjoy sushi. On the fifth floor, there are banquet halls and boxes. The first floor of the Halal Restaurant is also unique, and a large and round baking Nang can be full of food, and his yogurt taste is authentic.


I have graduated for a year in a flash, and I have become a university teacher. Every day facing vigorous young students, I always think of the Spring Festival in BLCU. It was a very good time. Although I have left BLCU, I also pay attention to the situation of the school and teachers. One day, BLCU people, lifelong love, sincerely hope that the development of BLCU is better and better.


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