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Undergraduate admission qualifications

1. Have high school graduation or equivalent education, aged 18-50 years old.
2. According to the notice of the Ministry of Education on regulating the employment of international students in our colleges and universities, applicants whose parents or one of their parents are Chinese citizens at the time of birth must submit the following materials to the school:
(1) Proof of naturalization for more than 4 years or a foreign passport that has been used for more than 4 years;
(2) Copies of passport entry and exit stamp pages for the past 4 years, the originals are available for inspection;
(3) Certificate of withdrawal of Chinese nationality and certificate of cancellation of original Chinese household registration.
*The calculation method for the last 4 years: If you register for the fall semester, it ends on April 30 of the current year; if you register for the spring semester, it ends on October 30 of the previous year
3. Major in Chinese Language, International Education of Chinese Language, and Translation Major: Pass the online entrance test of Chinese proficiency in our school (Students with a total score of 180 (inclusive) of HSK level 4 and above in Chinese proficiency may not participate in the written test, but also need to participate in an interview).
4. Other majors in the same class with Chinese students: Chinese proficiency reaches HSK5 level. Those who have not reached HSK level 5 can apply for preparatory courses first.

Application materials

1. Educational certificate: a copy of my last academic certificate or proof of university studies.
2. Transcript: The original copy of my final academic transcript, and high school English scores must be included when applying for Chinese-English bilingual direction.
3. Application form for admission.
4. Recommendation letter.
5. A copy of the applicant's passport.
6. Copy of the valid certificate of the guarantor (passport or ID card).
7. Copy of HSK certificate. (It may not be provided when applying for the major of Chinese Language and International Education of Chinese Language)
8. Copy of application fee receipt (provided by online payment or wire transfer)


1. All students who come to school must be in good health.
2. Those who study informal schools in China who apply to study in the school should also provide:
(1)The transfer consent letter from the International Students Office of the university (must be stamped with the official seal).
(2) Recommendation letter from the teacher.
(3) Copy of visa or residence permit in China.
3. The faxed application materials are invalid, and the materials sent and the application fee are not refundable.
4. Chinese government scholarship students and inter-school exchange agreements shall be handled in accordance with relevant regulations.

Application process

International students can choose the major they want to register from among 26 undergraduate programs, check the relevant materials required for application, and choose one of the following methods to apply for undergraduate courses at Beijing Language and Culture University:
Method 1: Applicants can register directly online.
Method 2: Applicants can come to the International Student Admissions Office of Beijing Language and Culture University and directly submit materials to apply for registration.
Method 3: Applicants download the "Admission Application Form" from the Internet, and send the completed application form and application materials to the work mailbox of the International Student Admissions Office in China by email.


1. After receiving the complete application materials and passing the examination, the admissions office will go through the admission procedures, and send the "admission notice" and "visa application form for foreign students in China" (JW202) according to the mailing address provided by the students about two weeks later.
2. Admitted applicants can apply for an entry visa to China at the Chinese embassy (consulate) in their country with the "Admission Notice" and "Visa Application Form for Studying in China".
3. Admitted applicants should report to the school strictly according to the time and place specified in the "Admission Notice".
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