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Chinese Language Training Program

1. Project introduction

1.1 Hierarchical teaching, small class teaching

The Chinese Language Student Program welcomes international students of all levels of Chinese proficiency with zero foundation and above from all over the world. The project features hierarchical teaching, which is divided into nine levels according to students' Chinese proficiency. Students will enter the corresponding Chinese proficiency class according to their placement test scores to learn Chinese. This project is based on the tradition of small classes, with 15-20 students in each class, which can fully guarantee the oral practice time of each student in the classroom, and achieve student-centered personalized teaching.


1.2 Strong teachers and rich courses

Beijing Normal University has been carrying out education for international students in China since the 1960s, and it is one of the first universities in China to carry out education for international students in China. The faculty with rich teaching experience leads students to improve their Chinese communicative skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing and guides students to have a deep understanding of Chinese culture from Chinese history, literature, geography, and other aspects. In addition to the compulsory courses, the school provides a wealth of elective courses, such as calligraphy, martial arts, Chinese tourism geography, and optional reading of ancient poems, etc. to enhance students' interest in Chinese learning, and to understand Chinese in a broader range.


1.3 Edutainment through fun, colorful activities

The project provides students with a variety of extracurricular activities, such as Peking opera, acrobatics, music appreciation, language practice, sightseeing of historical sites, etc., so that students can improve their Chinese language skills while improving their language skills.


2. Study method and duration

After taking the placement test, freshmen enter the corresponding Chinese proficiency class to learn from the zero-start to the advanced class. The study period is usually one semester or one academic year, and you can also apply for an extension of the study time.


3. Eligibility for application

3.1 Non-Chinese citizens who are between 18-45 years old and hold a valid foreign passport.

3.2 High school graduation and above.


4. Registration time

Fall semester (starting in September 2021): March 30-June 30, 2021

Spring semester (entry in March 2022): October 10-November 30, 2021


5. Application process

Applicants log on to the Beijing Normal University International Student Online Service System for online registration, please select the Chinese Language Program, exchange students enter the Chinese Language Program (Exchange Student) column, other applicants Enter the column of Chinese language students (non-exchange students), fill in the application information truthfully, and upload the application materials. After the applicant submits the registration information, he will pay the registration fee through online payment and wait for the result of the preliminary review.

After passing the preliminary review of the registration system, please download and print the "Beijing Normal University International Student Admission Application Form", signed by the applicant, and mail all paper application materials to Beijing Normal University (see the sixth application materials section for details).


6. Application materials

6.1 "Beijing Normal University Application Form for International Students". Log in to the online service system for international students of Beijing Normal University, and get it after filling it out online.

6.2 Photocopy of the passport photo page. Those who have a visa to come to China must provide a copy of the recent visa page.

6.3 Final academic certificate or proof of enrollment. The original certificate of enrollment is provided, and a copy of the academic certificate can be provided.

6.4 A copy of the transcript during the final academic study period can be provided.

6.5 The registration fee is RMB 450. Please log in to the International Student Online Service System of Beijing Normal University to pay online. Exchange students can be exempted from registration fees according to relevant agreements

*The application materials should be in Chinese or English, and notarized translations must be provided in other languages.

*Regardless of whether the applicant is admitted or not, the above-mentioned materials and registration fee provided will not be refunded.

*Applicants holding a visa from an institution studying in China must provide the original transfer consent letter and the original certificate of completion issued by the institution.


7. Tuition (Unit: RMB)

11,600.00 yuan / semester;

22,400.00 yuan / grade.


8. Contact

Admissions Office of Beijing Normal University Academic Affairs Department (for international students)

Address: Room 103, Area A, Main Building, No. 19, Xinjiekouwai Street, Haidian District, Beijing

Zip code: 100875

Contact number: 0086-10-5880-4345


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