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Zhou Zuoyu delivered a speech

On May 26, 2019, the "Global Campus" International Cultural Festival of Beijing Normal University with the theme of "Harmony, Symbiosis, Heart, Joy" was grandly held in Jingshi Square. Professor Zhou Zuoyu, vice president of Beijing Normal University, attended the event and delivered a speech.



Vice President Zhou Zuoyu first welcomed all the guests to the venue. He pointed out that in the current era of globalization, economic, trade, and cultural exchanges between countries have become increasingly frequent. As the disseminators of human civilization, universities should shoulder the historical mission of cultural dissemination. We have always been committed to the construction of an international campus so that the cultures of all countries have their own beauty and the beauty of each other.


In the national flag entrance ceremony, our school’s flag bearers from 73 countries wore traditional national costumes and escorted their national flags into the cultural festival. Subsequently.Our school’s multi-talented international students and Chinese students from 38 countries from five continents presented to the audience elaborately prepared dances, instrumental music, martial arts, and other colorful cultural performances. They showed them to the audience through the cultural booth. The national characteristics and cultural customs of the country. Food Street has carefully prepared a wealth of gourmet wines for everyone.


The booths of various countries displayed the traditional costumes, exquisite handicrafts, and food of various ethnic groups in the world, allowing everyone to experience the costume culture and food culture from all over the world. In addition, there were interactive cultural experiences such as Malaysian tea, Pakistani hand-painting, Ghanaian singing, and dancing parade.




The "Global Campus" International Cultural Festival is an important part of the cultural activities of our school’s students, as well as an important part of the campus's international construction. This International Cultural Festival is closely related to the theme of the times. On the one hand, it provides a platform for young students from all over the world to show their traditional song, dance, and culture, exchange, and experience world culture.On the other hand, it also helps to promote the integration, understanding, and understanding between Chinese and foreign teachers and students Mutual support.


The holding of this cultural festival is conducive to promoting young people from all over the world to view the world from the perspectives of appreciation, mutual learning, and sharing, and to live in harmony and harmony, and to promote the harmonious coexistence and mutual radiance of Chinese and world cultures.




This campus culture festival is jointly organized by the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, the Student Affairs Department of the Party Committee, the Office of the General Secretary, and the Youth League Committee of the school.

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