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Online thematic workshops were held

On the afternoon of May 28, 2020, Dong Qi, President of Beijing Normal University, connected with Colin Riordan, President of Cardiff University in the main building, and held a remote video workshop on the theme of "Post-epidemic era: changing universities, changing worlds".

Dong Qi pointed out that after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Beijing Normal University and Cardiff University exchanged letters to encourage each other, reflecting the profound friendship between the two universities.

Beijing Normal University attaches great importance to the strategic partnership with Cardiff University, and the Chinese Academy jointly established by the two universities has achieved fruitful results.

During the epidemic, Beijing Normal University, on the basis of ensuring the physical and mental health of teachers and students, actively used new technology and invested manpower and resources to achieve "no suspension of classes".

Dong Qi affirmed the dual degree projects and academic exchange fund projects that the two universities have launched and encouraged the two universities to actively explore and innovate under the new situation, and leverage on the development of the digital age to further expand in brain cognition, artificial intelligence, systems science, etc. Cooperation in subject areas.

President Colin Riordan was very happy to communicate with the leaders and professors of Beijing Normal University through a video conference.

He actively responded to President Dong Qi's views and suggestions, introduced Cardiff University's work plan for the next semester, and looked forward to the establishment of cooperation between the two universities in more disciplines and the Zhuhai campus to achieve substantive results.

Zhou Zuoyu, Vice President of Beijing Normal University, and Rudolf Allemann, Vice President of Cardiff University, shared their experience in fighting the epidemic and expressed their determination to unite and cooperate in their speeches.

Hongguang Cheng, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Beijing Normal University, Min Liu, Deputy Director, Xiaoyu Yu, Project Leader, Qiao Yun, Project Leader of Beijing Normal University-Cardiff Chinese Academy, Jiang Yuanqun.

Lecturer of School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Cardiff University Humanities Kenneth Hamilton, Minister of Arts and Social Sciences, Jiang Wenguo, China Project Leader, Anne Morgan, Director of International Office, and Liu Xingfei, China Office attended the meeting.

Background introduction: In 2015, Beijing Normal University-Cardiff Chinese Academy was officially opened, becoming my country's first overseas school institution, and has successfully recruited students for three terms.

In 2019, the two adjustments will establish a strategic partnership. Now they have established a dual degree program cooperation in statistics and mathematical sciences and established an academic exchange fund program.

At present, the two institutes are exploring the possibility of cooperation in the fields of artificial intelligence, psychology, economics, and geosciences.



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