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Ph.D. admissions program

Beijing Normal University is a comprehensive research-oriented university directly under the Ministry of Education of China, with a long history of running a school and a profound cultural heritage. The comprehensive strength of the school's disciplines ranks among the top universities in China. It is a key construction university of the "985 Project" and "211 Project", and it is the first batch of "Double First-Class" construction A-class universities in China. The school has rich educational resources and is an important base for training high-quality and innovative talents in China. In 2021, the school will continue to recruit foreign students to study for master's/doctorate degrees in China.

1. Admissions Major

The school has a complete range of disciplines. It recruits academic masters and doctoral students in multiple majors. The school also sets up master's and doctorate programs taught in English. For details, please refer to the "Beijing Normal University International Student Master's Program Catalogue" and "Beijing Normal University" Catalogue of Enrollment Majors for Doctoral Candidates of University International Students.


2. Application conditions

2.1 Willing to abide by Chinese laws and regulations and school rules and regulations, respect the customs and habits of the Chinese people, have good morals and be in good health.

2.2 Non-Chinese citizens under the age of 50 (born before August 31, 1971) and holding a foreign passport. If applying for a Chinese government scholarship, applicants for a master's degree should be under 35 years old; for doctoral degrees, under 40 years old.

2.3 Applicants for a master's degree should have a bachelor's degree or above equivalent to a Chinese university;

Applicants for a doctoral degree should have a degree equivalent to a Chinese master's degree or above.

2.4 Language requirements for Chinese-taught majors

(1) Master's degree students taught in Chinese

College of Chinese Language and Culture: 220 points and above for HSK level 6, and 65 points and above for HSKK advanced level;

College of Liberal Arts: HSK Level 5 with a score of 210 and above;

Other college majors: HSK level 5 with a score of 195 and above;

(2) Ph.D. students taught in Chinese

College of Chinese Language and Culture: HSK Level 6 with a score of 240 and above, HSKK Advanced with a score of 65 and above;

College of Liberal Arts: HSK Level 5 with a score of 210 and above;

Other college majors: HSK level 5 with a score of 195 and above.

2.5 English-taught professional language proficiency requirements

Applicants whose native language is not English must provide proof of English proficiency. For specific English proficiency requirements, please refer to the specific requirements of each English-taught major;

There is no need to submit proof of English proficiency such as IELTS or TOEFL and other English language tests in the following two cases:

(1) Obtain the previous degree in a country where the official language is English, and the teaching and assessment language of the graduate school in English;

(2) The previous degree program was taught in English. Submit the certificate of completion of the degree program in English taught by the school.


3. Application time

Online application time: Phase I: November 15, 2020-January 15, 2021

The second stage: February 21, 2021-April 30, 2021

Applicants can choose to register at any stage, and it is recommended to complete the application one week before the deadline.

Deadline for mailing paper materials: April 30, 2021

The deadline is subject to the postmark before April 30. Applicants are requested to mail or submit paper materials as soon as possible after passing the preliminary review. To ensure timely delivery of materials, EMS or SF Express is recommended for mailing within China, and EMS, DHL, FedEx, or UPS is recommended for mailing outside China.

Note: For scholarship applicants, the deadline for application is subject to the deadline for various scholarship applications.


4. Entrance assessment

The admission assessment method is an application review system.

The Admissions Office conducts a preliminary review of the applicant's application materials according to the admissions guidelines. After the applicant passes the preliminary review, the department and department will conduct an academic review of the applicant, and if necessary, the department and department will organize an interview. Based on the results of the preliminary review and academic review, the school selects the best candidates and finally determines the candidates to be admitted.


5. Application materials

Applicants log on to to register online and pay the registration fee. After completing the online registration, please mail the following paper materials to the Admissions Office of the Academic Affairs Department of Beijing Normal University (Area 103, Main Building).

5.1 One original copy of the "Application Form for Foreign Students Admission". You can download and print after the online registration is completed, and paste my recent two-inch clear ID photo (must be consistent with the electronic photo submitted for online registration), signed by the applicant and the guarantor, and the signature must be consistent with the passport signature. And the application form not signed by the guarantor will be deemed invalid.

5.2 Two letters of recommendation. Issued by associate professors or scholars with corresponding professional titles or above, or senior professionals in related fields (no fixed format, please indicate the title and contact information of the recommender, and the recommender must sign by himself).

5.3 One personal statement. Download and fill in the admission website of Beijing Normal University, the applicant's own signature, the signature must be consistent with the passport signature.

5.4 Transcript and highest education certificate:

Applicants for a master’s degree postgraduate student should provide one original official transcript of the institution where the undergraduate graduated, an original undergraduate degree certificate, or a notarized or certified copy of the graduation degree certificate. Only Chinese or English are accepted. Other languages need to provide a copy of the official transcript. Notarized or certified translation;

Applicants for doctoral degree graduate students should provide 1 original official transcript of the institution where the master graduated from, an original master’s degree certificate, or 1 copy of the notarized or certified graduation certificate. Only Chinese or English are accepted. Other languages need to provide the official transcript. Notarized or certified translation;

Applicants for fresh graduates may temporarily not provide graduation certificates and degree certificates, but they must provide the expected graduation certificate of the school they are attending; if they are admitted, they must submit the original graduation certificate and original degree certificate for inspection at the time of admission; if not, they will Disqualification for admission.

5.5 Language test scores. For Chinese-taught majors, please provide HSK transcripts. The test time on the HSK certificate is no earlier than November 1, 2018; for English-taught majors, please provide proof of English proficiency required in the major catalog.

5.6 The registration fee is 600 yuan. Applicants must pay online, and cash payment is not supported (Note: applicants for scholarships must also pay an application fee).

5.7 One original copy of the guarantee letter. Download and fill in the admission website of Beijing Normal University, signed by the guarantor, and the signature must be consistent with the passport signature.

5.8 One copy of the first page of the passport. Those who have a visa to come to China should provide a copy of the visa page of the recent coming to China. The valid date of the passport must be later than March 31, 2021. Applicants who were originally Chinese citizens and then became foreign nationals must provide proof of cancellation of their original Chinese household registration and proof of renunciation of Chinese nationality. Applicants who acquired foreign nationality at birth, if both or one of their parents is Chinese citizens, must submit the applicant's proof of cancellation of Chinese household registration and proof of renunciation of Chinese nationality.

5.9 (Optional) Resume, published academic papers, obtained patents, or other research results, either original or photocopy.

5.10 Applicants for Chinese Government Scholarship should also provide:

(1) "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form";

(2) A photocopy of the "Foreigner Physical Examination Form"; the original is kept by yourself. This form is uniformly printed by the Chinese Health and Quarantine Department. It can be downloaded from the China Scholarship Council website and must be filled in English; Applicants should strictly follow the items required in the "Foreigner Physical Examination Form"; the "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" that lacks the inspection items, does not affix his photo, or does not have a seal on the photo, and does not have the signature and seal of the doctor and the hospital 》Invalid; given that the inspection result is valid for six months, applicants are requested to arrange the medical examination time accordingly.

5.11 Applicants for Beijing Foreign Student Scholarship, Beijing Normal University Freshman Scholarship, and Beijing Normal University Silk Road Muduo Scholarship should provide the "Beijing Normal University Scholarship Application Form for International Students", download and fill in the Beijing Normal University International Student Admissions website.

(1) Those with incomplete application materials and no application fee will not be accepted;

(2) The school may require applicants to provide other supplementary materials based on specific circumstances;

(3) Regardless of whether the applicant is admitted or not, the above-mentioned materials and registration fee provided will not be refunded;

(4) Applicants should ensure that the application information and application materials provided are true and accurate. Once the admissions unit verifies that they are not true, they will not be admitted or be disqualified, and those who have enrolled will be disqualified.


6. Study method, school system, and tuition

The study method is full-time study. The academic system for Chinese-taught academic masters and academic doctoral students is three years; the academic system for Chinese International Education Masters is two years; the academic system for English-taught masters is two years, and doctoral students are three years. For more information, please refer to the "Specialty Catalogue for International Students of Beijing Normal University for Postgraduates" or "Specialty Catalog for International Students of Beijing Normal University for Ph.D.".

Tuition fee standard: RMB (yuan)

Student category

Language of instruction

Tuition for one semester

One year tuition


Chinese teaching

13050 (text)

25300 (text)

16550 (science, engineering, medicine, art)

32300 (science, engineering, medicine, art)

Master of Chinese Language Education: 32,500 (two-year total)

English taught

60000 (two-year total)

Ph.D. student

Chinese teaching

16550 (text)

32300 (text)

21100 (science, engineering, medicine, art)

41400 (science, engineering, medicine, art)

English taught

98000 (three-year total)


7. Scholarship

To encourage and support foreign students with excellent academic performance to study for a degree in China, Beijing Normal University will provide the following scholarships (see "Scholarships" for details):

7.1 Chinese government scholarship;

7.2 International Chinese Teacher Scholarship (Confucius Institute Scholarship);

7.3 Confucius New Sinology Project;

7.4 Beijing Scholarship for Foreign Students;

7.5 Freshman Scholarship of Beijing Normal University;

7.6 Silk Road Muduo Scholarship of Beijing Normal University.


8. Admission

The Admissions Office of Beijing Normal University will notify applicants of the admission results via email or system, and telephone inquiries will not be accepted. The Admissions Office will issue admission materials such as "Admission Notice" to the admitted applicants. Please indicate the method and contact information for receiving or mailing the admission notice when registering.


9. Accommodation

9.1 On-campus accommodation: Beijing Normal University has 5 dormitories for international students, offering single and double rooms. The price ranges from RMB 55 to RMB 140 per day. For related information, please refer to the website of the International Students Office of Beijing Normal University ( Applicants should log on to the online registration system to check the admission results. Admitted candidates should book dormitories online through the personal information page of the online registration system according to the requirements of the International Students Office. Scholarship international students who have been admitted as exempt from accommodation fees do not need to book a dormitory, and the school will arrange accommodation in a unified manner.

9.2 Off-campus accommodation: Freshmen who fail to apply for dormitories on the website within the time limit are deemed to have given up on-campus accommodation. Please arrange off-campus accommodation in advance by yourself, and go to the local public security agency to register for accommodation within 24 hours of check-in by relevant laws and regulations. Freshmen who live off-campus should submit their off-campus accommodation application and sign the off-campus accommodation commitment form when the journal opens.


10. Contact

Mailing address: Admissions Office (for international students), Academic Affairs Department, Beijing Normal University

103, Area A, Main Building, 19 Xinjiekouwai Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Zipcode: 100875

Contact number: 0086-10-5880-2944


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