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Restoration of ecosystem

On February 19, 2021, Beijing Normal University and Oxford University jointly held a cloud dialogue event on "Restoring the Ecosystem: Critical Thinking of the United Nations Decade Plan".

The two dialogue guests for this event are Professor Dennis Snow, a senior researcher at Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government, who has served as the chairman of the G20 heads of Government Think Tank (T20).

And the Deputy Director of the Institute of Environmental Change, Oxford University. Professor Frederick Otto. Professor Wang Shidong, Director of the Institute of Global Development and Prospects at Oxford University's Regent School, and Professor Yang Xiaofan, Faculty of Geographic Sciences, Beijing Normal University, were the hosts of this event.

Based on this theme, Professor Dennis Snow introduced his latest research-the SAGE model used to measure human happiness: This model comprehensively considers social prosperity, economic prosperity,

And environmental sustainability to measure human happiness Levels. Professor Dennis Snower believes that when social prosperity, economic prosperity, and environmental suitability are at a high level at the same time, humans have a higher sense of happiness; and when the two are not in harmony, happiness decreases, and at the same time, there will be many social problems.

Dennis Snow emphasized that the new crown epidemic is a major challenge facing the world. Responsible politicians around the world should strengthen dialogue and communication under the mechanism of multilateral cooperation to ensure that their domestic goals and global multilateral goals can complement each other.

Professor Frederick Otto pointed out that climate change caused by human activities has continuously expanded the range of global meteorological anomalies, and the frequency and amplitude of extreme events have increased to varying degrees.

Compared with the severe consequences of extreme weather on a global scale, the cost of establishing precautionary measures through global collaboration and improving the early warning mechanism will be much smaller, and the efficiency will be greatly improved. Similarly.

If countries are committed to improving the prevention mechanism for global climate change and epidemics, it will have a multiplier effect.

This high-end forum is the second cloud event held since the first cloud dialogue between Beijing Normal University and Oxford University on "Pandemic Dialogue: A Fair Ethical Plan for the Global Distribution of New Crown Vaccines" in 2020, and the event will continue.



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