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Beijing Normal University is a key university directly under the Ministry of Education. It is a well-known university featuring teacher education, educational science, and basic liberal arts disciplines. The predecessor of the school was the Beijing Normal University Normal School founded in 1902.

In 1908, it was renamed the Beijing Normal University Superior Normal School. It was established independently, and in 1912 it was renamed Beijing Higher Normal School. In 1923, the school was renamed Beijing Normal University.

Becoming the first normal university in Chinese history. In 1931 and 1952, Peking Women's Normal University and Fu Jen Catholic University were merged into Beijing Normal University successively.

For more than a hundred years, Beijing Normal University has always shared the same destiny with the progressive cause of the Chinese nation to strive for independence, freedom, democracy, prosperity, and strength, and played an important role in the patriotic movements such as "May 4th" and "December 9th".

Represented by Li Dazhao, Lu Xun, Liang Qichao, Qian Xuantong, Wu Chengshi, Li Jinxi, Chen Yuan, Fan Wenlan, Hou Wailua, Bai Shouyi, Zhong Jingwen, Qi Gong, Hu Xianyu, Wang Kunren, Zhou Tingru, etc., a large number of famous teachers and sages are here to promote and encourage teaching.

After more than a hundred years of development, the school has been adhering to the fine tradition of "patriotism, progress, honesty and simplicity, truth-seeking and innovation, and being an example of others" and the school motto of "learning to be a teacher, behaving as a model", forming a "study, self-cultivation, and support for the world" The concept of educating people.

During the "Seventh Five-Year Plan" and "Eighth Five-Year Plan" period, Beijing Normal University was identified as one of the first ten key universities in the country.

During the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, it was included in the "211 Project" construction plan among the first batch.

On the occasion of the 100th Anniversary in 2002, the Ministry of Education and Beijing decided to focus on the construction of Beijing Normal University.

The Ninth Party Congress of Beijing Municipality will include Beijing Normal University as a world-class university that supports the construction.

During the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period, the school entered the national "985 Project" construction plan. In 2017, the school entered the national "World-Class University" construction category A list, and 11 disciplines entered the national "World-Class Discipline" construction list.

Beijing Normal University is composed of two campuses (including four campuses), the Beijing campus and the Zhuhai campus. The Beijing campus currently has nearly 24,000 full-time students.

The Zhuhai campus was officially approved by the Ministry of Education in April 2019. There are currently more than 3,600 undergraduate students. The school has 3 departments, 25 colleges, 2 departments, 11 research institutes (institutes), with a collection of more than 4.9 million books and more than 9.7 million e-books.

The comprehensive discipline strength of Beijing Normal University ranks among the top universities in the country. In 2002, it became one of the first 6 colleges and universities to have the right to independently set up undergraduate professional approval.

In 2018, it became one of the first 20 colleges and universities that can carry out an independent review of degree authorization.

There are 76 undergraduate majors, 38 first-level disciplines authorized for a master's degree, 31 first-level disciplines authorized for a doctoral degree, and 28 post-doctoral research stations. 5 first-level disciplines, 11 second-level disciplines were approved as national key disciplines, and 2 second-level disciplines were approved as national key (cultivation) disciplines.

There are currently 39 disciplines covering 10 disciplines, forming a comprehensive discipline layout.

According to the results of the 2016 first-level subject evaluation (fourth round) issued by the Ministry of Education's Degree and Graduate Education Development Center.

Our school has 6 first-level disciplines in education, psychology, Chinese language and literature, Chinese history, drama and film and television, and geography.

The discipline was rated A+, 2 first-level disciplines were rated A, and 7 first-level disciplines were rated A-. The number of disciplines rated A+ ranks sixth in the country.

Beijing Normal University is an important force in the national humanities and social sciences scientific research and technological innovation.

The school has 1 national high-end think tank, 4 national key laboratories, 1 national engineering laboratory, 1 national field scientific observation and research station, 1 national collaborative innovation center, 2 national key research bases for textbook construction.

And national international 1 science and technology cooperation base, 9 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 6 Engineering Research Centers of the Ministry of Education, 2 Field Science Observation and Research Stations of the Ministry of Education, 7 Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Bases of the Ministry of Education, regional and national research of the Ministry of Education 4 cultivation bases, 8 subject innovation and intelligence introduction bases for higher education institutions of the Ministry of Education, 12 Beijing Key Laboratories, 4 Beijing Engineering Technology Research Centers, 1 High-tech Innovation Center of Beijing Higher Education Institutions, Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences 2 key research bases, 1 research base of Beijing Language and Writing Committee, 1 Beijing University Collaborative Innovation Center, 1 Beijing New Think Tank, 1 Beijing Educational Rule of Law Research Base, 6 other provincial and ministerial key research institutions, A total of 21 research institutions were built. 36 kinds of professional journals are regularly published.

Beijing Normal University is rich in educational resources and is an important base for cultivating high-quality innovative talents in the country.

Now it has 2 national humanities basic disciplines talent training and scientific research bases, 5 national science basic scientific research and teaching talent training bases, and 1 national pilot college.

It is selected into the national basic disciplines top-notch student training experimental plan; it is national cultural quality education for college students Base, National Training Base for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, National Training Base for Life Sciences and Technology Talents, Ministry of Education, Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Inheritance Base (Chinese Drama).

4 national-level experimental teaching demonstration centers and 2 national-level virtual simulation experimental teaching centers There are 5 innovative experimental areas for the talent training model of the Ministry of Education, 2 national education training bases for outstanding legal talents.

Undertaking the joint training experiment plan of high-end animation talents of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, and the overall pilot project of deepening the comprehensive reform of professional degree graduate students by the Ministry of Education.

The faculty of Beijing Normal University has a reasonable structure and excellent quality. There are 3275 faculty members, including 2219 full-time teachers, 92% of the full-time teachers have a doctorate, and 18% of the full-time teachers have overseas education.

There are 22 academicians of the two academies (including double appointments), 6 senior professors, 38 Changjiang Scholars distinguished professors, 53 winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, 22 leading talents in the Ten Thousand Talents Program, and 5 national-level teaching teachers, 8 national innovation research groups.

A total of 99 top-notch young talents in the Ten Thousand Talents Program, winners of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Youth, and young scholars of the "Changjiang Scholars Award Program".

Beijing Normal University has extensive international cooperation and exchanges. The school has signed cooperation agreements with nearly 500 universities and research institutions in more than 30 countries and regions and has more than 200 universities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Spain, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

Cooperation in student exchange projects. The school has successively established 5 Confucius Institutes and nearly 30 Confucius Classrooms in cooperation with the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, Dawson College in Canada, the University of Macerata in Italy, the University of William and Mary in the United States, and Tufts University in the United States.

More than 4,100 long-term and short-term international students from 130 countries and regions are accepted, and the proportion of long-term students with academic qualifications is about 78.6%.

The 13th Party Congress of Beijing Normal University further clarified the orientation of building a “comprehensive, research-oriented, and leading teacher education world-class university with Chinese characteristics”, and put forward the strategic concept of “three steps”, which is clear to this century. Zhongye has entered the forefront of world-class universities.

At present, the school is striving to build a discipline development system with "plateau support and peak leadership" and an integrated school-running pattern with Beijing campus and Zhuhai campus as two wings, and continuously deepen comprehensive reforms and promote the development of various undertakings.

Beijing Normal University is moving steadily towards the goal of building a world-class university.

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