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Hold international students' art party

On the evening of December 15th, the 10th Beijing Normal University Gathering Song-Beijing International Students Night Art Gala with the theme of " Love in China " was held in Qiu Jiduan Gymnasium.

Du Kewei, Director of the China-Foreign Humanities Exchange Center of the Ministry of Education, Li Hai, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of the Ministry of Education, Huang Kan, Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Hu Ziyuan.

Director of the Hanban Examinations and Scholarship Office, and China Scholarship Council Director Chen Lin, Director of the UNESCO National Committee Zong Huawei and other guests, as well as Vice President Zhou Zuoyu of our school, attended the event tonight.

The whole party was divided into three chapters: "One Family in the World", "Love Each Other", and "Fall in Love with China", closely linked to the theme of this year's "Love in China" and the 10th Anniversary Celebration.

This year's party was kicked off by the drum performance "Master" by the 24th Drum Team of Beijing Normal University. The traditional Chinese drum music performed the motto of the Normal University, and the strong cultural charm was instantly breathtaking.

The Nepalese dance "Nepal Girl", the Russian dance "Winter Fantasy", the Japanese dance "The Night Come Sacrifice", the Pakistani dance "Colorful Pakistan", the Mongolian dance "The Descendants of Genghis Khan", and the African dance "African Spirit and Beauty" brought to the audience Authentic dances from all over the world.

Korean dance "Peak Hour" incorporates various elements such as Korean traditional fan dance, taekwondo, and Korean pop dance. "Silk Road Youth Loves China" is composed of seven singers singing the theme song of the new Silk Road, and roller-skating performers hold fluorescent ribbons.

Sliding in the field shows the youthful demeanor of our school’s international students. They are full of vigor and vigor, and they are infinitely yearning! Another major feature of this year’s party is the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures.

The Peking Opera "Shiro Visiting His Mother: Sitting in the Palace" jointly performed by Chinese and foreign students, the koto ensemble "Jasmine", the lion dance and martial arts "Beijing Lion Wuhun", and all are performed by foreign students.

The performance of the cross-talk "Five Senses Striving for Merit" brought a new era of interpretation of Chinese traditional culture. The party reluctantly ended with the singing of "One World" and "I Love You China".

This is the tenth year that our school has hosted the Beijing International Student Night Party. At this year's party, a total of 193 international students from 38 countries participated in the performance.

Over the past ten years, the Beijing Student Night has witnessed the development of our school’s study abroad education in China and witnessed the achievements of the school’s international development in various aspects.

In the process of steadily improving the overall strength and international influence of China's higher education, our school has always been committed to improving its own higher education internationalization level and the international influence, competitiveness, and cultural soft power of education.








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