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International Student Scholarship

1. Scholarship content and standards:

1.1 Exemption of all tuition fees during the study period;

1.2 Provide living expenses during the school period (including accommodation subsidies, paid every month):

  •   Undergraduate:2000Yuan renminbi/month
  •   Master's degree students:2500Yuan renminbi/month
  •   PhD students:3000Yuan renminbi/month

1.3 Provide comprehensive insurance for people coming to China;

1.4 The duration of the scholarship is the same as the student's school system (award-winning students will no longer enjoy this scholarship if they extend their study period. The scholarship will be canceled at the same time if the award-winning students suspend or withdraw from school).


2. Open professional:

Open to undergraduates, masters, and doctoral students in all majors (Note: only open to degree students)


3. Applicant qualifications:

3.1 Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens, in good health, and friendly to China;

3.2 Applicants should be of good character, excellent grades, and meet the following conditions:

  • Undergraduate: Ranked among the top scores in entrance exams3%Or those who have obtained the qualification for exemption and have excellent grade; 
  • Master's degree students: Excellent undergraduate grades, strong academic background, scientific research, and innovation ability;
  • Ph.D. students: Excellent master's grades, strong academic background, scientific research, and innovation ability.

3.3 Applicants must be international students who have been admitted by our school and will start to study academic education in the same year;

3.4 Applicants have not received any other types of scholarships, nor have they received any funding support from any government, department, or organization.


4. Date of Application:

January 1, 2018 - April 30, 2018 (in case of mailing scholarship application materials, the postmark time shall prevail)


5. Application process/way:

For details, please refer to the application process for self-financed students on the official website of Beijing Normal University.


6. Application materials:

6.1 "Beijing Normal University International Student Scholarship Application Form"; (The form can be downloaded from the official website)

6.2 Other materials such as transcripts, award certificates, published articles, or academic achievements (if any, please submit);

(Note: Application materials will not be returned.)


7. The receiving department:

Beijing Normal University International Student Office Room


8. Contact details:

Address: Xinjiekouwai Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China19Jingshi Building9910room

Postal code: 100875


Undergraduate projects:

Postgraduate programs taught in Chinese:

English-taught graduate programs:

fax: 0086-10-58800823

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