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Hold symposium on representatives of 2021 graduates

On the afternoon of June 17, a symposium on behalf of the 2021 graduates of Beijing Normal University was held in the main building. Cheng Jianping, secretary of the school’s party committee, and Li Xiaobing, deputy secretary of the party committee, discussed and exchanged ideas with more than 30 graduate representatives from various departments and departments. The heads of relevant departments such as the school party committee office, the student work department of the party committee, the educational affairs department, the finance department, the international exchange, and cooperation office, the general secretary's office, the alumni association, the library, the school league committee and other related departments attended the symposium. The symposium was presided over by the person in charge of the Ministry of Education and Engineering.




Cheng Jianping congratulated all the graduates on the successful completion of their studies and raised great expectations for the future development of the students. He pointed out that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Looking back on the development of Beijing Normal University, generations of people from Beijing Normal University have always breathed and shared fate with the Communist Party of China. He encouraged his classmates to stand at a new starting point in the party's century-old historical development, inherit the red gene, deepen the feelings of family and country, and open a new chapter in life. He hopes that his classmates will set up lofty life goals, has lofty ambitions, and be self-confident and self-reliant "dream chasers"; stick to the work and career they love, work hard, and be down-to-earth "strugglers"; cultivate healthy living habits and love life, To be a physically and mentally strong "new youth", inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of his alma mater, have the world in mind, the motherland and the people, and make the contributions of Beijing Normal University in all walks of life.


Cheng Jianping said that his alma mater will also pay close attention to everyone's development for a long time, and be the most solid backing for everyone to pursue their dreams. As Beijing Normal University is about to celebrate its 120th anniversary, everyone is welcome to go home and have a look, and hope that everyone will continue to pay attention to the development of the alma mater. , Actively make suggestions and suggestions, and contribute to the "double first-class" construction of his alma mater.




At the symposium, the students who attended the meeting made speeches one after another, reviewed their experiences and gains in studying and living in their alma mater, talked freely about their graduation and plans, and expressed their sincere gratitude for the cultivation and care of their alma mater. The students also made suggestions for the work of the school in terms of talent training, employment guidance, and logistics services based on their own life and learning experience during the school. The students said that they will continue to pass on the school motto of Beijing Normal University to "learn to be a teacher and behave as a model" after moving to work and strive to become a newcomer of the era who is responsible for the great task of national rejuvenation.




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