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Teachers and students get 4 gold and 4 silver

On March 13, the 2021 National Indoor Track and Field Invitational Tournament ended at the Xipu Track and Field Base in Chengdu, Sichuan.

This event is the first national indoor competition held in two years, and the players have shown a strong spirit of participation and a competitive state. In this competition, 20 teachers and students from our school participated in the competition and received a total of 4 golds and 4 silvers, 12 people entered the individual finals, and 5 people received their best results.



Li Ling won the championship with 4.60 meters (ranked second in the world) in the competition


Li Ling, our school teacher, won the women's pole vault championship with a score of 4.60 meters.



Picture|Chen Qiaoling in the competition


Chen Qiaoling, a 2018 undergraduate in our school, created a personal best with a score of 4.40 meters and won the runner-up.



Su Bingtian in the game


Su Bingtian, a 2019-level Ph.D. student in our school, won the men's 60m championship with a time of 6.49 seconds.



Yang Huizhen is practicing to start


Yang Huizhen, a teacher of our school, won the championship in the women's 200m final in 23.83 seconds.



Wu Zhiqiang in the game


Wu Zhiqiang, a 2017 master's degree student in our school, won the men's 60m runner-up with a time of 6.63 seconds, creating a personal best. He hopes to win glory for the country in the 4x100m relay event of the Tokyo Olympics.



Zhu Yaming in the game


Zhu Yaming, a 2017 undergraduate of our school, won the men's triple jump championship with a score of 17.32 meters, which is also the third-best result in the world this season.



Wu Yanni is preparing for the game


Wu Yanni, a 2017 undergraduate from our school, set a personal best of 8.18 seconds in the women's 60-meter hurdles event and won the runner-up in the event. Teammate Chen Yuyang set a personal best in 8.65 seconds and won seventh place in the event.

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