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Successful registration of international students

The autumn is growing stronger, and youth is at the right time. After the epidemic, across the longing distance, the long quiet Beiti once again welcomes foreign students from all over the world, and they will start a new life journey here.

In the fall of 2020, our school admitted 88 international students from 27 countries. The epidemic has not affected the enthusiasm and vision of international students for the school, nor has it prevented North Sports from welcoming and worrying about international students.

Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic this year, our school’s international students adopted a combination of online and offline registration methods.

In order to do all the work in the orientation of offline international students, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office has coordinated with relevant departments many times to form a volunteer service team for international students to receive freshmen one-on-one and provide one-stop services for international students.

David Geary, an international student from the United Kingdom, is about to study physical education and training at the Chinese Football Sports Academy.

He is extremely fluent in Chinese and is very interested in Chinese culture. He said, “I hope that in the study and life of the North Sports, I can continuously broaden my horizons, deepen my understanding and understanding of Chinese culture and China’s national conditions. And hope to stay in China after graduation and make contributions to China’s football career.”These international students are not only freshmen who have just entered the North, but also enterprising dream chasers.

I wish all international students, in the context of the era when the epidemic is sweeping the world, can ride the wind and waves, defy challenges, live up to their youth, and write a splendid chapter for them in the North.








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