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Scholarship for foreign students

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission has established Beijing Scholarships for Foreign Students to attract more and higher-level foreign students to study in Beijing. The specific regulations of the Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship for Foreign Students of Beijing Sport University are as follows:


(1) Applicant qualifications

1. The applicant must be a non-Chinese citizen;

2. The applicant did not receive a Chinese government scholarship when applying;

3. The applicant is an undergraduate or graduate student currently studying at Beijing Sport University;

4. Applicants abide by Chinese laws and study rules and regulations.


(2) Application time

Every November


(3) Scholarship amount

Full scholarship: annual tuition

Half scholarship: half-year tuition

1/4 scholarship: 1/4 of the annual tuition fee


(4) Application materials

1. "Beijing Sport University Beijing Foreign Student Scholarship Application Form"

2. Transcripts during the school study period (new students do not need to provide)


(5) Selection criteria

1. The freshman entrance examination scores are excellent.

2. Undergraduates are ranked according to the average grade point of the total score to get the best;

3. Excellent examination results for postgraduate courses, strong scientific research, and innovation ability;


(6) Application process

Individual student application, preliminary evaluation by the scholarship review team, publicity of the preliminary evaluation results, acceptance of appeals, review, and approval by the principal in charge, and announcement of the list of winners

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