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Won 2 gold medals

On March 12th, the 2021 National Indoor Track and Field Invitational Tournament (Southwest Division) competed at the Xipu Track and Field Base in Chengdu, Sichuan. On the first day of the competition, a total of 9 individual finals were held.

In the men's 60-meter race, Su Bingtian, a Chinese sprinter and a 2019 doctoral student from Beijing Sport University, won the first show in 6.49 seconds. Our school's 2017 master's student Wu Zhiqiang won the runner-up in 6.63 seconds.

In the women's pole vault competition, our school teacher, pole vault Athlete Li Ling won the gold with 4.60 meters, and the 2018 undergraduate Chen Qiaoling won the runner-up with 4.40 meters.



In men's 60-meter preliminaries, Wu Zhiqiang ranked first in 6.64 seconds


In the men's 60-meter event, the preliminaries were held on the morning of the same day. National team players and students of our school Wu Zhiqiang and Su Bingtian ran 6.64 seconds and 6.69 seconds respectively to rank the top two in the preliminaries. The men's 60-meter final was divided into 2 groups in the afternoon. Su Bingtian played in the 2nd group on the 3rd track and Wu Zhiqiang on the 4th track. After fierce competition, Su Bingtian won the championship with his fourth-best personal time of 6.49 seconds, and Wu Zhiqiang won second place with 6.63 seconds.


Men's 60m Final + Interview


As Su Bingtian's 2021 season debut, this game is also his return to track and field for the first time in 17 months. After the game, Su Bingtian said: "Through this competition, the intensity and results of the previous training have been tested. This result tells me: Su Bingtian, who was not injured in 2019, is back. Today's 60m score is good preparation for my future. support."



Li Ling in the game


Li Ling won the championship moment


In the women's pole vault finals, Li Ling chose to take off from a height of 4.40 meters. The heights of 4.40 meters, 4.50 meters, and 4.60 meters all succeeded in a test jump. Subsequently, Li Ling chose to challenge 4.71 meters, hoping to break her own indoor record of 4.70 meters. Unfortunately, she failed three attempts. In the end, Li Ling won the championship with a score of 4.60 meters, and the 2018 undergraduate Chen Qiaoling won the runner-up with a score of 4.40 meters.

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