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Back to school and start the new semester together!

On March 22, the students of the International Education College ushered in the first day of returning to school. Accompanied by the familiar ringtones, they stepped into the long-lost class and started their learning journey together in the new semester.

The first lesson is not only the beginning of learning new knowledge, the college also puts safety education in the first place.


On March 29, the college invited Mr. Yin Baoxing, the deputy director of the Security Department, to give a lecture on safety knowledge for the students of the college. Director Yin introduced safety knowledge and tips for calling for help from the aspects of traffic safety, fire safety, and fraud prevention. Through various methods such as videos and live demonstrations, he told the students to tighten the string of safety at all times and continuously improve prevention. Awareness, strictly abide by the relevant safety regulations, effectively improve the prevention, rescue and escape capabilities, protect yourself and the people around you.

In the classroom, the instructor guides the learning, inspires thinking, asks questions, discusses, and pays equal attention to multi-dimensional interaction. The students are fully absorbed in the study of the project course.

Let us welcome the new semester with a new look!

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