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Our school signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with China (Ministry of Education) Study Abroad Service Center

In order to better serve the school’s educational positioning and goals, and build our school’s international education brand, after the preliminary preparations and talks between the two parties, our school and China (Ministry of Education) Overseas Study Service Center formally signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement recently, officially listed Entered the China (Ministry of Education) Overseas Education Service Center's comprehensive strategic cooperation project colleges. Our school is also the first batch of municipal colleges and universities to sign a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with the center.


Before the signing of the agreement, our school and the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, and the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education conducted reports and talks on the specific content of the cooperation between the two parties and conducted in-depth exchanges on the policies and ideas for promoting the school's international construction and developing international exchanges and cooperation. According to the agreement, the two parties will use the principles of “resource sharing, complementary advantages, sharing responsibilities, and serving the society”, combined with new tasks and new requirements of the new era, and give full play to their respective advantages, and jointly organize related training in overseas study, a study in China, and overseas education. International education exchanges and cooperation fields such as forums or conferences carry out all-round and multi-level cooperation.


The signing of this agreement provides a new opportunity for our school to broaden the scope of international exchanges, deepen the depth of international education, and build a new platform for the school's international education and in-depth international cooperation in superior disciplines and majors.


In the next step, the school will be based on the International Education Institute, relying on the projects and platforms of the China (Ministry of Education) Service Center for Overseas Studies, focusing on talent training, faculty and the internationalization of scientific research, and actively promote international high-quality educational resources and teaching and research. The in-depth integration of the school comprehensively enhances the school’s international competitiveness and influence.

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