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The third "open day"

On the afternoon of September 23, 2016, 7 Confucius Institute Scholarship students from the International School of Beihang University participated in the third “Open Day” at the Confucius Institute Headquarters.

At the opening ceremony, the students listened carefully to the speeches of the guests, especially the theme forum "Multiculturalism on the Silk Road", which inspired everyone.

At the same time, the students participated in a variety of Chinese cultural experience activities, watched Peking opera, dance, martial arts, and other performances, and everyone admired the profoundness of Chinese culture.

Afterward, the students also visited the "International Chinese Language Teaching Resources Exhibition"."Global Confucius Institute Tour Exhibition", "Pilgrimage Road·Sacred Relics-From Dunhuang to the Iberian Peninsula" exhibitions, etc.

These exhibitions were broadened. The students' vision has made the students very rewarding. The "Chinese Food Experience" on the Open Day also allowed international students from all over the world to taste Chinese food and feast their hearts on their mouths.

The students all expressed that this "Open Day" event gave everyone a deeper understanding of the Confucius Institute and Chinese culture. In the future, they will continue to improve their Chinese level, learn Chinese culture well, integrate into Chinese life better, and spread the culture for the future. The messenger lays the foundation.









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