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Hold the opening ceremony

Beihang News Network, September 24 (Correspondent Su Li) On September 23, the opening ceremony of the 2020 international freshmen of our school was held on the Xueyuan Road campus.
International students who have registered in the school and who are overseas will participate in the opening ceremony through a combination of online and offline methods and have a total of the first class of freshmen.

At the ceremony, the freshmen first watched a short video to learn about Beihang's school history, school philosophy, school achievements, and campus culture. Vice President Huang Haijun extended a warm welcome to international students from more than 60 countries.

Huang Haijun said that as the first aerospace institution of higher learning established by the People's Republic of China, Beihang will focus on the long-term goal of “building a world-class university rooted in China” and cultivate young talents with a global perspective.

As the school’s international reputation improves year by year, it has attracted thousands of international students from more than 100 countries on five continents to study and live on campus.

In the special period when the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread around the world, people from all over the world are united, working together, and jointly responding. Beihang will also provide high-quality online and offline education for international students at home and abroad.



Speech by Vice President Huang Haijun


Weng Jingnong, Dean of the International College, taught the "First Class" for the freshmen of international students. From the four aspects of Beihang overview, international education, role models around, and hopes.

he told the freshmen that Beihang people should look up to the stars, pursue the truth, and be good at learning.

He also needs to be down-to-earth, be brave in practice, and innovate, combine theory and practice, and keep pace with the times; he emphasized the five keywords of "Calm, Cooperation, Courage, Cherish, Confucius", hoping that freshmen will continue to challenge themselves on the road to knowledge.

Keep pace with the times. Xu Ye, a representative of the mentor and deputy dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, shared his experience of studying abroad.

He said that the majority of Beihang teachers have accumulated rich experience in reshaping teaching and courses through online teaching, and will ensure that international students abroad can pass Online teaching obtains high-quality learning.

Facing a challenging start, I hope that international students can maintain the determination to learn new knowledge and the confidence to pursue their dreams.

I believe that through studying at Beihang, international students will become a bridge between China and the motherland, as a multicultural society Citizens of the background of the world, make their own unique contributions.




Xing Ye, an undergraduate student from Russia, spoke on behalf of the freshmen, expressing heartfelt gratitude to the school for helping freshmen to adapt to their study and life at Beihang University as soon as possible, and for ensuring their physical and mental safety during the normal epidemic prevention and control period, and full of yearning for their study and life in the next four years.

Limin, a graduate student from South Sudan, spoke on behalf of the students. He shared his four-year undergraduate study and life experience at Beihang University, and he was full of expectations for the upcoming graduate study.




The opening ceremony of international students was broadcast live on the Internet. More than 200 freshmen from five continents and their relatives and friends watched the opening ceremony online.



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