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Our school's 2021 "Building Dreams · Voyage" World-class University Winter Academic Exchange Program has successfully concluded

On March 7, the 2021 "Building Dreams · Voyage" World-class University Winter Academic Exchange Program came to a successful conclusion. 89 students from various colleges participated in 20 distance online learning and research projects in cooperation with 12 world-class universities, including Harvard University, California Institute of Technology, University of California Berkeley, Washington University in St. Louis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, UK Cambridge University, Imperial College, Abel University, University of Sydney, Australia, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, University of Hong Kong.

The project curriculum is mainly based on teaching and research practice, combined with the knowledge of each project, scientific research, and cutting-edge applications. The learning time ranges from 2 to 10 weeks. In addition to professional courses, it also includes academic lectures, literature review reports, relevant case analysis, and knowledge framework construction learning. Let students experience the teaching methods, research methods, academic atmosphere, and latest research developments of world-class universities to the maximum.



Students attending classes online

Although the online live broadcast is used to teach, the enthusiasm of the participating students is not reduced. Student Cao Dong from the School of Architecture said: Through the study of Harvard University’s big data analysis and artificial intelligence industry application projects, I have initially mastered the theoretical knowledge of big data analysis and artificial intelligence, which has enriched my professional vision. Concerns about professional learning. The PPT will be released in time for preview, and the playback function of the teacher's lecture content after class helps me to further digest the learning content after class. Liu Xueting from the School of Economics and Management feedback: In the course of participating in the "Urban Planning and Architectural Design Project" course of the University of Hong Kong, I felt the rigor and meticulousness of the University of Hong Kong. Through the four parts of Hong Kong's reconstruction history, landscape design, architectural design, Hong Kong's old city renewal, and the public, I have a deep understanding of the knowledge concepts related to Hong Kong architecture. Teaching in English has brought great challenges, but through the meticulous explanations and vivid pictures of the teachers, the originally obscure knowledge has become simple and easy to understand. It not only improves my English level but also feels brand new and Different teaching methods in mainland universities are very interesting! Student Wang Jiadong from the School of Telecommunications said: I have spoken more English in the past two weeks than I have spoken in the past three years.


Part of the project student work display

Through the implementation of the “Building Dreams and Voyages” World-Class University Winter Vacation Online Academic Exchange Program in 2021, students will be able to experience the teaching methods, language environment, research methods, and academic cultural atmosphere of world-class universities without leaving their homes. Active attempts to promote students' participation in international exchange projects under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

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