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1. Q: After graduating from the International School of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, what academic qualifications and certificates can international students get?

A: After graduating from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, foreign students can obtain academic qualifications and degree certificates issued by the Ministry of Education of China. Advanced students and short-term trainees can obtain a certificate of study at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine or a certificate of advanced study.


2. Q: Is there an age limit for studying at school?

A: Applicants must be full in the year of enrollment18One year old50Applicants over the age of the year are required to submit a physical examination and health certificate. After the application materials are reviewed and finally admitted, students are guaranteed to complete their studies if their health conditions permit.


3. Q: Can Chinese citizens who hold foreign green cards apply for the exam?

A: No, we only accept foreign citizens to apply for the exam and require foreign passports4Years (inclusive) and above. (For details, please refer to the Foreign Education Letter of the Ministry of Education [2020〕12File)


4. Q: After being admitted, when will you come to China, and what should you pay attention to after coming to China?

A: After being admitted, please hold the admission notice and JW 202. Apply for a study visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country, and register with the study visa on the registration day specified by the school. Please do not enter China prematurely: hold X1 Visa entry 30, It must be replaced with a residence permit within days, so please do not enter the country prematurely, In case the visa expires.


5. Q: What kind of university is Beijing University of Chinese Medicine?

A: Beijing University of Chinese Medicine was founded in1956It was formerly known as Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1988 and was the earliest higher school of Chinese medicine approved by the State Council.1960In 2015, it was designated as a national key university by the central government;1993In 2016, it was renamed Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;1996In the year, the selected country "211Engineering" key construction university;2000In 2016, merged with Beijing College of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Orthopedics to form the new Beijing University of Chinese Medicine2011In the year, the selected country "985" Engineering Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform" to build colleges and universities;2017Years, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine3Each discipline was selected into the national "Double First-Class" construction discipline list;2018In 2016, it became the chairman unit of the new Chinese medicine and integrated Chinese and Western medicine teaching guidance committee of higher education institutions of the Ministry of Education. Existing school3There are two campuses, namely Liangxiang Campus, Heping Street Campus, and Wangjing Campus.


7. Q: Do I have to purchase medical insurance after enrolling?

A: The Ministry of Education of China stipulates that international students in China must purchase medical insurance designated by the school. Students can purchase at the registration desk on the day of registration.


8. Q: Does the tuition include teaching materials and other expenses?

A: The tuition fee does not include any other expenses. Books, accommodation, living expenses, etc. are purchased according to the actual needs of the students.


9. Q: How to pay the registration fee?

A: At present, the school accepts multiple payment methods for on-site, bank, or online bank remittance. You can use RMB cash or a Union Pay card to pay. Please refer to the admissions guide page for school bank information.


10. Q: Is the registration fee refundable?

A: Once the registration fee is paid, it will not be refunded. The registration fee will not be refunded if the program is not admitted or is misreported as a study item that does not meet the application qualifications. It is recommended that applicants consult the admissions office for eligibility and other admission requirements before paying the registration fee.


11. Q: How do I know the status of the application process after applying?

A: After the applicant submits the application2During the week, if there are problems with the application materials, you will receive an email notification of "modification or application return" from the Admissions Office of the International College; applicants can also log on to the online registration website to check the current application status.


12. Q: How do students under 18 apply for a visa? 

A: Not full18One-year-old students need to provide two notarized copies (a copy of the Chinese national ID card; a copy of the temporary residence permit for non-Beijing residents). It can be collected at the Beijing Notary Public Office. One of them is for JW202 Application form, the other is used to apply for a residence permit. For other detailed information about visa applications, please refer to the "Student Visa Guide" section.


13. Q: When is the application time for the Beijing Foreign Student Scholarship?

A: Application time for Beijing Foreign Student Scholarship1-6 months in 2021.


14. Q: How and when will the tuition fees be paid?

A: Tuition fees must be paid in the first week of each semester, one semester, or the entire academic year. Accept cash and any China UnionPay (UnionPay) debit card payment. Remittance is currently not an option; students must be BUCM Finance office payment.


15. Q: Is there a year age limit for applicants?

A: There is no year age limit after enrollment, as long as the students' health status allows them to complete their studies.


16. Q: Are Chinese citizens residing in other countries eligible to apply?

A: Not possible. Only hold a valid period of at least 4 A foreign citizen with a passport of the year.


17. Q: When is the time to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship?

A: Application time: every year1first month4month初。


18.Q: How to apply for a dormitory?

A: After enrolling, students can contact the teacher of the school affairs office to book the dormitory, telephone:+86-10-64286303。


19. Q: What is the school code of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine?



20. Q: How to apply for a Chinese Government Scholarship?

A: How to apply: log on to the website of the China Scholarship CouncilGet the latest scholarship information and apply. Applicants can also consult Chinese embassies and consulates abroad for relevant information.


21. Q: How is the career development of international students studying at 1-6 months in 2021?

A: In China: Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is located in the political, cultural, scientific, and technological center of China—Beijing can provide a wider range of employment opportunities for graduating international students; you can sign up for the Chinese Practicing Physician Qualification Examination. At present, the passing rate of our school’s international students60%The above is basically the same as the pass rate of Chinese students. At the same time, our graduates can choose to continue their master's and doctoral studies in Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine and other medical schools.

Returning to China: Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is the most influential university of Chinese medicine in the world, and its graduates are favored by medical institutions in many countries around the world. The degree of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is recognized by most countries in the world.


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