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Li Lian won the first prize

Recently, after online voting and expert selection, Li Lian, a Malaysian international student of our school, won the first prize of the "Sunrise Henglong Cup"3rd National Anatomical Drawing Competition for Medical Students.
The entry "Shang Jiao" was instructed by two teachers, Lu Weizhong and Wang Yuanyuan, from the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine of our school. The work was highly praised by the reviewing experts in the competition.



Classmate Li Lian's work "Shang Jiao" combines two perspectives of TCM theory and anatomical structure. She mentioned in the introduction to her work: "In Chinese medicine, the upper focal point is located in the thoracic cavity, above the diaphragm, including the heart and lung systems.

The heart and lungs can transfer water and grains to the body and nourish all parts of the body. Therefore, the upper focal point is located in the chest cavity, above the diaphragm, including the heart and lung systems. , We can compare the Shangjiao to a sprayer, which can spread nutrient-rich mist and dew throughout the natural world.

Anatomically, the heart and lungs occupy the space from the first thoracic vertebra to the twelfth thoracic vertebra. They are responsible for the systemic circulation, pulmonary circulation, and gas exchange in the alveoli.

 This year the new crown pneumonia epidemic has spread globally. Li Li'an also hopes to express his wish that all mankind can overcome the disease at an early date and call on people to work together.




Paint the mysteries of the human body and show the medical style. Thanks to the careful guidance of the teachers and the hard work of the participating students, the excellent works perfectly integrate professional knowledge and artistic creativity.

Give the anatomical diagrams vigorous vitality with a solid theoretical foundation and innovative thinking, and finally won the country. The first prize in the Medical Student Anatomy Drawing Competition fully demonstrated the demeanor of our international students.

I hope that the students can continue to work hard and make persistent efforts to create more excellent works while laying a solid and broad foundation for their future medical path.

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