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Work department visits overseas students

On February 9, 2021, the International and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Work Department will carry out the winter vacation international students and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan students sympathy activities, led by Deputy Director Li Bo of the International and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Work Department, Xing Dan from the General Office, and Zu Jinyue in the Student Office Teachers, Ms.

Zhang Meng from the Teaching Office, Ms. Dai Meng, and Ms. Zhuyine, full-time counselors, visited the international students on the Liangxiang campus and Hepingjie campus and the student dormitories in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, and distributed them to the students.

The Spring Festival gift packs and epidemic prevention and control supplies express the concern and love of the school and the work department leaders for the students studying in the school and the Spring Festival greetings.




The International and Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Work Department has prepared a New Year gift package for international students and students from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

It contains Chinese knots, love blessing bags, college custom canvas bags, a shorthand manual for internal classics, a knowledge manual for anti-fraud, medical protective masks, and hand disinfection gel. Jiao, etc., is full of the teachers' care and good wishes for the students in school.

In the student dormitory, Deputy Director Li Bo also gave the foreign students a handwritten character "Fu". The teachers introduced the method of posting the character "Fu" during the Spring Festival to the international students and explained the cultural meaning of the word "Fu".

The international students praised the original "exquisiteness" of the original blessing character. They personally felt the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture and experienced the strong flavor of the Chinese New Year.




During the visits, the teachers inquired about the students' food and lodging guarantees and the learning and internship conditions in the school and instructed the students to arrange vacation time reasonably, maintain a healthy and regular schedule, strengthen physical exercise, and comply with the campus epidemic prevention requirements.

For personal safety, if you encounter any problems, contact the counselor and class teacher in time. The students expressed their gratitude to the leaders and teachers of the college for their care and help, which made them feel a deep warmth and were very moved.

After each dormitory visit, the teachers and students took a group photo for a souvenir. The auspicious blessings and happy smiling faces complemented each other. The students also sent sincere wishes for the development of the school in the new year.




Through meticulous preparation and meticulous care, this sympathy activity made the students feel the care and love from the school. At the same time, the activity also promoted Chinese traditional culture and enhanced the collective cohesion and sense of acquisition of teachers and students.

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